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How to raise a concern

Stakeholders who wish to raise a whistleblowing concern may do so by clicking on the ‘make a report’ button or raise their concerns via email to [email protected] or Whistleblowers can submit in writing in a sealed envelope addressed to the Chairperson of the Board Audit Committee, Head Office, Bank of Maldives.

In raising a whistleblowing report, you consent that your data provided will be processed and handled for the purpose of investigating the report. Any personal information that is provided by you will be collected and processed in full confidentiality and in accordance with BML’s Whistleblower Policy and relevant Laws and regulations.


BML is committed to the highest standards of accountability and probity. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism to enable stakeholders of the organization to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner without fear of retaliation and or identification.

BML’s whistleblower program and policy supports those who come forward with concerns of suspected or confirmed wrongdoings, undesirable activities which are against the Bank’s policies and procedures and/or which may have an adverse effect on the Bank’s business or the society at large including violations of any laws and regulations