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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

SectionBenefitsStandard/ Classic (USD )Gold 
(USD )
Platinum  (USD )  Signature/ World (USD )
A 1Emergency Travel Medical Insurance
Covers your Medical Expenses (not pre-existing conditions) including hospitalization for accident or illness.
Excess: USD 75/-

-- 25,000 25,000
A 2Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Services
Excess: USD 75/-
- - 25,000 25,000
B 1Personal Accident, Permanent total disability (eyes & limbs)
Covers death and permanent disablement up to the Sum Assured according to the Table of Losses

100,000100,000100,000 100,000
B 2Personal Accident, Permanent total disability (Common Carrier Only) (eyes & limbs)
Same as in Section B1, Accidents occurring in Common Carrier only

CDelay of Flight
Covers reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Insured for meals and accommodation only when the Insured's flight is delayed beyond 4 hours due to aircraft technical defects/malfunction, adverse weather conditions and Industrial strikes.
Excess: USD 25/-
300 (excess 4hrs) 600
(excess 4 hrs)
(excess 4 hrs)
(excess 4 hrs)
DLoss of Passport
Covers the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to obtain a duplicate passport or a valid travel documents

300500 500 500 
E  1Checked in Baggage Loss
 USD 250 any one article
 USD 300 in respect if Jeweler and
Compensates Insured for the complete and permanent loss of the Insured’s Checked in Baggage
1000 in all1500 in all 1500 in all 1500 in all 
E 2Checked n Baggage Delay
Covers reimbursement of emergency purchases of toiletries, medication and clothing, incurred due to the Insured's Checked in Baggage being
delayed more than 5 hours beyond the time of the Insured’s arrival outside of Maldives.
(excess 5 hrs)
(excess 5 hrs)
(excess 5 hrs)
(excess 5 hrs)
FPersonal Liability
Covers legal liability incurred by the Insured in his private capacity to pay damages for third party civil claims (property damages and bodily injury)
occurring during Insured Journey
10,00020,00020,000 20,000 
  • Hijacking
  • Pre-trip information services
  • Embassy referral
  • Weather and exchange rate information assistance
  • Emergency message transmission assistance
  • Arrangement of Hotel Accommodation in case of an Emergency
  • Interpreter referral
  • Lost Luggage assistance
20 per day up to a maximum of 20030 per day up to a maximum of 50030 per day up to a maximum of 50030 per day up to a maximum of 500
Any one event limit 10,000,00010,000,00010,000,00010,000,000

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