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Terms and Conditions

BML Startup Grant

Terms and Conditions

Requirements for applicants

Application Evaluation

Stage 1 – Business Plan Evaluation

Business plans will be evaluated as below. The top 10 business plans with the highest scores will be invited to present plans to the Evaluation Committee.

Introduction or Executive summary of the business - ability to communicate business in a short, concise introduction and description of business5
Description of the problem that the business is trying to solve5
Value Proposition -How different or innovative is the business idea and what are the benefits it will generate to the public10
Intellectual property status (e.g., patents, trademarks, etc.)5
Product/Service - Is the product/service new and unique and are there similar products or services in the market5
Market analysis (market size, potential market size, key customers, target market, competition)10
Market Research - Proper market research on the product offering5
Competitive differentiation – what makes the business / idea unique5
Sales and marketing plan - get to the market and close sales10
Cost and Pricing Strategy - Well defined cost and pricing strategy5
Operating strategy – how will the offering be developed and delivered5
Management team - relevant experience, delivery, how you worked together, and knowledge about what you will need to grow5
Financial highlights – cash flow, first year milestones and trend for 3 years out; information about break-even timing. Details about investment needed with use of funds15
Environmental, Social and Governance - Significance of social and environmental impact and governance of the business10

Stage 2– Pitch presentations

Presentations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Idea and strategy20
Presentation Structure30
Quality of Presentation30
Team and interaction20


Business Implementation

*Immediate family of the staff includes: Spouse, children, parents and siblings