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Scam Awareness

Protect yourself from scams

Scams happens more often than you may think and anyone can fall victim to a scam. Scammers are becoming more convincing and evolving their techniques day by day. We’re here to raise awareness to help you spot scams and protect yourself against them

Common fraud tactics in Maldives

Scams are evolving day by day and understanding common types of scams is important to ensure you can spot them and be protected

Helping you to stay safe

Scams have become very sophisticated and these crimes can have a devastating impact on victims. Read on for tips on simple steps you can take to keep safe

Protecting you from scams

We send out notifications and alerts for all logins to your Internet or Mobile Banking. Make sure you check these notifications and take action if you receive any alerts you don't recognize

New scam tactics

Scammers use new tactics everyday to try to convince you into believing their scams. It's important to always be vigilant and never ever share your information, however convincing they seem to be

Investment fraud

Investment fraud involve promises of big payouts, quick money or guaranteed returns. If you’re promised high returns with little to no risk, or if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Reporting scams

If you think you have shared your personal information, report it to us and change your Internet Banking password immediately. If you need to, freeze or block your card on "Card Management" on the App to stop future all transactions. If you’re unsure if an SMS or email is sent by BML, you can always reach us via our social media channels, LiveChat or contact us at 3330200 to confirm. If you are victim of a scam, you should also file a report with Maldives Police Services.

Real people, real scams

Many scam cases are reported to us each day. To aware our customers and to warn about scams, we are sharing real scam cases reported to us