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Safer Banking with Authenticator OTPs

For personal banking customers, we have enabled Authenticator apps for our Internet and Mobile Banking.

You can use an authenticator app on your phone to generate OTPs for transactions on your account. It adds an additional layer of security to help protect you, and verify that it is you making the transaction.

To enable this feature:

1. Open “Settings” on Internet Banking or go to “Applications” on Mobile Banking app

2. Scroll down to “Activate Authenticator”

3. Follow the steps and download an Authenticator App to scan the QR code

4. Enter the Authenticator code to verify and activate

Email OTP channel as a default will be disabled. Once the Authenticator app is activated as an OTP channel, the email OTP enable option will be available via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. If you choose to enable email OTP, you can do so after entering SMS or Authenticator OTP for verification. 

Discontinuation of physical Token Device

Once the Authenticator is activated, any previously issued Physical Security Tokens will be deactivated permanently.

Useful downloads

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