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Real people, real scams

Lost USD 3,000 trying to exchange money

What happened:

Ahmed wanted to buy USD as he was travelling overseas for medical purposes. He contacted a Telegram group he found offering to sell USD at the rate of 17.80. He communicated with them and received an immediate reply to send MVR to a given account number. Ahmed transferred the money, expecting to receive dollars immediately. But the seller stopped talking, deleted the messaged and eventually switched off the phone. Only then did Ahmed realize this was a scam. 

What to do:

Stop sending funds to unknown accounts.

By law, funds transferred cannot be reversed back without the consent of credit account holder. The Bank cannot reverse funds from anyone's account even if it is a scam or if it is sent by mistake. Only the account holder can do so. 

Always make sure that foreign exchange transactions are carried out through parties with a valid license issued by MMA.

Helping a ‘friend’ leaves Ahmed broke

What happened: 

Ahmed got a call and was told it was his old friend Ibrahim who used to work with him in the resort. Ibrahim desperately needed to bring his mother from the island to Male’ as she was unwell. He was worried about his mother. Ibrahim said that as he has a bank account in MIB he was unable to send money to his money to make travel arrangement as he is supposed to send it to his brother who has a BML account. As this local transaction will take time, he requested Ahmed to transfer MVR 7,000 to his brother and that he would make the transfer from his account now.

Ibrahim sounded so genuine and his request was emotional. Ahmed also thought Ibrahim’s voice was familiar and was embarrassed to inquire more and agreed to help.

After transferring funds, he did not hear from Ibrahim and was unable to contact him when he did not receive the money he was promised. Ahmed finally gets in touch with his actual friend and knew that he did not contact him and realized he was scammed.

What to do:

Never be embarrassed to find more details. Scammers can easily find your information through social media and use this to make conversation. Check account number and name before making any transfers. Always know for sure you’re transferring to the right person.