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Branch & Service Centres

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Our banking network

We have a nationwide network of 38 branches across all 20 atolls, 85 Self Service Banking centres, 141 ATMs, over 200 agents and a full suite of Digital Banking services.

BML Head office


A full range of banking services are available via our internet and mobile banking services and we encourage customers to come to our branches only if required. 

Services available at our branches include account opening, cheque deposits, cash deposit and withdrawal, card and loan applications, SWIFT (TT) applications, updating Personal Information Forms and account signature changes. 

Branch Opening Hours: 8.30am - 2pm

Counter charges

Counter Withdrawal and Deposit fees are charged at our branches for each transaction of value less than or equal to MVR 25,000 or USD 1,600 and to all cheques deposited to personal accounts irrespective of the amount.

This is not applicable for branches on islands where deposit ATM is not available

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Service Centres

Our dedicated service centres, based in Male' city, provide key banking services:

.Opening Hours for our service centres: 8.30am to 2pm on all banking days.