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BML Insurance

We offer you a wide array of insurance plans to ensure the protection and well-being of your family, home, and businesses.

Home Takaful

Insure your home, its contents or a combination of the two with our Home Takaful. 

Motor Insurance

Protect the vehicle you love with the right insurance. 

Fire Insurance

Insure your houses, building and its contents from unexpected damage that may arise from a fire

Mortgage Protection Plan

Mortgage Protection Plan can be a safety net for you and your family, if you’re not around. The plan helps your family with repayment of the loan in the event of your unfortunate death.

Hull Insurance

With Hull Insurance you can protect your vessel to avoid any loss in case of mishaps.

Individual Term Assurance

Look out for your loved ones. Individual Term Assurance could mean your loved ones have less to worry about for when you may not be around.

Plan to protect your future

You can guard against financial problems by protecting your financial security and that of your loved ones with our insurance solutions. 

BML Insurance is underwritten by Allied Insurance & Ayady Takaful Company of the Maldives