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Prepaid Cards

Add funds to your prepaid card and use it for all your purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard. It’s also a safer option to carrying cash at home or abroad, and an effective way to manage your spending.  

Mastercard prepaid card reloadable card

Mastercard Prepaid (MVR)

When you open an account with us, you’re automatically registered for a virtual prepaid Mastercard which can be used on our digital wallet, BML Pay.

Your prepaid Mastercard can be used anywhere in Maldives

Top up your Mastercard Prepaid card using BML Pay for free reload.

Mastercard Travel Card

Mastercard Travel Card (USD)

Ideal if you’re a frequent traveler or you need to send money overseas. The card can be topped up through BML Pay for free.

Masveriya Card

Masveriyaa Card

Our Masveriyaa Card is a special prepaid card made especially for individuals working in the fishing industry to collect and make payments. The Card can be used at all POS terminals, ATM and Cash Agents as well as for online transactions.

Top-up your Masveriyaa Card through BML MobilePay for free.

Useful downloads

Prepaid Card Application Form English
Card Transaction Dispute Form English
Pre-paid Cards T&C English / Dhivehi