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Card Services

Conveniently make payments with our prepaid, debit and credit cards.

Card Services

We have a range of cards designed to match your needs and lifestyle. Our cards are a convenient, safe and secure way to make purchases and gain easy access to cash.

We are proud to be the exclusive provider of American Express cards and also a principal member of Visa and Mastercard in the Maldives.

Debit Cards

Pay for goods and services with your BML debit card, online and in-store. Withdraw cash at our ATMs or around the world.

Credit Cards

Our credit cards give you the flexibility to pay up to 51 days later with no interest. Choose from either our American Express, Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards.

Prepaid Cards

Safer than carrying cash. Just add funds to your prepaid card and use it for all your purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard.