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Lui Loan

Borrow up to MVR 1.2 million to turn your dreams into reality. A quick lending solution offered without a mortgage for purposes like to improve the quality of life, assist in starting up small businesses. 

Key Features

*Instant approval of loan funds is applicable for individuals who has received their salary consecutively for 12 months via BML payroll service and has maintained a satisfactory credit history with us. 

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Eligibility Criteria


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How to determine the Maximum Unsecured Exposure?

For every individual credit facility that can be availed without security are as follows:

Loan amount and repayment

There are several factors worth considering while determining the loan amount you’ll be able to borrow. These include your income, type of income you earn and credit history.

When you apply for a loan, we will look at:


If you currently have a Lui Loan, you have the option to apply for an enhancement to the loan amount. This means you can settle the existing loan and get an extension with a new Lui Loan.

The following conditions apply:

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How do I apply?

If you’re registered for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking app, apply through “Services” or “Applications” tab. You can also submit an application form to any of our branches.

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