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Fulfill your personal needs and meet the demands of your lifestyle

Lui Loan

Borrow up to MVR 1.2 million to turn your dreams into reality

Lifestyle Loan

Ideal way for property owners who receive regular rent income to get financing   

Home Purchase

Buy your home through our Home Purchase loan

Home Construction

Revamp, renovate or build your new home with our Construction Loan

Kiyavaa Loan

Our Kiyavaa Loan is available for students to cover the cost of further education anywhere in the world

Green Loan

With our Green Loan, take a stand in making sustainability possible.

Available for both personal and business customers, our Green Loan is for financing green technology to create a more sustainable community.

Disaster Relief Loan

In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, we’re here to support you cover damages and help you get back on your feet