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Lui Professional

Lui Professional is ideal if you want to fund a big purchase or project. You can borrow up to MVR 100,000 with low interest rate and take up to 60 months to repay.

Lui Professional X480

Key Features

  • Customers have the option to apply for Lui Professional with security and enjoy lower interest rate

  • Unsecured Secured
    Interest Rates 15% 11.75%
    Security N/A Four wheelers, property and vessels
  • Loan amount of MVR 50,000 to MVR 100,000
  • Easy and convenient process with quick process time of just 5 days (for unsecured loans)
  • Repayment period of up to 5 years
  • Upgrade (re-finance) a Lui Express to Lui Professional
  • Loan amount Qualifying minimum salary Repayment (secured) Repayment (unsecured)
    50,000 10,000 1120 1200
    60,000 12,000 1340 1500
    70,000 14,000 1560 1700
    80,000 16,000 1800 1900
    90,000 18,000 2010 2150
    100,000 20,000 2230 2400

    How to apply

    You can apply for Lui Professional Loan online. You can also submit a Lui Professional Application Form to any of our branches.


    • Applicable for Maldivians only, aged between 18 and 60 years
    • Applicant must be employed and should have received monthly salary for past 12 months
    • Applicant must receive a minimum salary of MVR 10,000
    • Repayments will be made automatically from salary account

    Important Information

    You can keep track of your loan account via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking App or through monthly statements.