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Lui Micro

BML Lui Micro Loan is designed to support individuals without a regular income to start or develop a simple business venture. Individuals working from home as bakers, tailors, food processors, farmers or freelance workers such as photographers, musicians, or web developers can use the funding to kick start their own business & make a name for themselves.

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Key Features

  • Easy and convenient process with quick process time of just 5 days
  • Repay over 5 years
  • Loan amount upto MVR25,000
  • Low monthly repayments
  • Interest Rate: 13%
  • No security required
  • No quotation required
  • No guarantee required

How to apply

You can apply for Lui Micro Loan online. You can also submit a Lui Micro Loan application form to any our Account Opening and Loan Centre.


  • Applicable for Maldivians only, aged between 18 and 60 years
  • Applicant must be a customer of BML with 6 months account operation (Salary or income must be routed to account)

Need to know more about Lui Loans?

Contact our Customer service on 3330200.

You can also contact any of our branches and get more information.

General Terms and Conditions for Credit Facilities (Dhi / Eng)