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Lui Loan

Lui Loan is perfect for those looking to make unexpected purchases, home improvements, or just to indulge yourself with something you have always wanted.

Key Features

No security required

Low monthly payments

Own Contribution: 20%

Maximum amount: MVR 15,000

Interest Rate: 11.75% per anum

Maximum repayment period: 48 months

One quotation is required.

How to apply

Submit a Lui Loan application form to any of our branches across Maldives, along with the required supporting documents:

  • Personal Information Form in case you have not submitted this form or the information provided needs to be updated
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Job reference letter*
  • Quotation**
  • Expenditure Estimate***

*Job reference letter is not required if the purpose of the loan is for a Project (eg: Brick making, Fish processing, Agriculture)

**Quotation is required when loan purpose is for personal use (non-income generating activities)

***Estimate of the expenditure is required if the loan purpose is for a Project (eg: Brick making, Fish processing, Agriculture etc).

Need to know more about Lui Loans?

Contact our Customer service on 3330200.

You can also contact any of our branches and get more information.

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