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Kiyavaa Loan for Students

Further your career and pursue your dreams with the right education qualification. Pursue higher studies without any financial hassle with our low-interest Kiyavaa Loan, available for any professional or academic course.

Key features

  • Enjoy loan amount up to 75% of cost of education
  • Interest at a low 11.50% per annum
  • Security of 150% of the loan amount is required
  • Flexible loan disbursement based on student’s needs, for example semester-wise or annually
  • Extended grace period means you can repay after your studies
  • Enjoy longer repayment period - up to 10 years
  • How to apply

    Submit a duly completed Kiyavaa Loan Application Form to any of our branches across Maldives, along with the required supporting documents:

    • ID card copy of Borrower and Student
    • Personal Information Form for Borrower and Student
    • Student’s most recent academic result
    • Course details with duration and fees from university and living expenses details
    • Unconditional offer letter from institute
    • Equity investment details
    • Employment details of Borrower
    • Income & expenditure details of Borrower
    • Registry copy of security offered
    • Details of liabilities with other institutions

    Do come and talk to our Customer Service representatives at our branches who will be happy to help you with your loan application.

    Important Information

    The cost of education includes tuition fees, expenses for boarding and lodging, annual travel to home, as well as life insurance premium.

    You can keep track of your loan account via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking App or through monthly statements.

    General Terms and Conditions for Credit Facilities (Dhi / Eng)