Internet Banking

BML MobilePay

BML MobilePay is an easy and quick way to make purchases at merchant outlets and send money to individuals via your smartphone. It is a safe and secure method which does not require you to give out your card details. Simply pay by tapping your NFC enabled phone on the terminal or by entering your phone number.

You can even pay for your online delivery while staying home or on the go by giving out your phone number. You will receive a message to your phone and once you confirm, the payment will be made to the merchant.

Transferring money to family and friends is simple. Select the mobile number of the person who is to receive the money, enter the amount, and send. The service is open to all Bank of Maldives customers. Just download the application via App Store or Google Play Store.

Key features

  • Integration of all existing credit, debit and prepaid cards
  • Make payments at merchant locations via keying in your phone number or by tapping your phone
  • Pay for delivery services while staying home or on the go by just giving out your mobile number
  • Fast check-out for customers at stores– no need to enter card information
  • Send money easily to friends and family, check card balances and see transaction history
  • Enhanced security measures with a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone for transactions above a set limit for prepaid card transactions, and for all transactions done via debit and credit card
  • Invisibility of sensitive data as no data will be stored

Download BML MobilePay

All BML cardholders are eligible for this service which can be obtained by downloading the BML MobilePay app via App store or Google Play Store



Once registered for BML MobilePay, each cardholder will receive a prepaid account, and accompanying prepaid card, which will be the default card for the application. You will have the option to change the default card to any of your debit or credit cards. However, you will only be able to send money to third parties using the prepaid card. Prepaid cards need to be topped up prior to use and it can be reloaded using other cards or from the account.

The application can only be opened after entering your personal identification number (PIN). For transactions under MVR 750 done using prepaid cards, no additional PIN is required. For transactions above MVR 750 One Time Passwords (OTP) will be required for the transaction to proceed. For transactions conducted with other credit or debit cards within the MobilePay an OTP must be entered for all transactions.

The following daily limits and transaction counts will apply for transactions carried out via BML MobilePay.

Description Daily Limit (MVR) Daily count
Purchases 50,000 20 transactions (NFC)
20 transactions (Non NFC)
Send Money 15,000 50 transactions
Top Up 50,000 20 transactions