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BML MobilePay

BML MobilePay is a safe, easy and quick way to make purchases at merchant outlets and send money to individuals via your smartphone.

Make Payments

Simply pay at registered shops, restaurants and merchants by QR scan, or tapping your NFC-enabled phone, or by entering your phone number at the terminal. You’ll receive a request from BML MobilePay. Simply approve to pay.

Send Money

Sending money to family and friends is simple. To send money locally, select the mobile number of the person who is to receive the money, enter the amount and send.

To send money internationally, select country, choose whether you would like to send to a bank account, cash agent or to a mobile wallet and proceed. Check the status of money sent from the History tab in the application.

Just download BML MobilePay application via App Store or Google Play Store. The service is open to all Bank of Maldives customers.

Key features

  • All existing credit, debit and prepaid cards are integrated
  • Make payments at merchant locations
  • Send money easily to family and friends, locally or internationally
  • Check card balances and see card transaction history
  • Enhanced security measures. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone for all NFC transactions made through your debit and credit cards. An Approval Request will be sent to your mobile phone for all mobile number key in transactions.
  • As an added security measure, you will be prompted to enter your passcode for transactions above MVR 750
  • Invisibility of sensitive data as no data will be stored

Once registered for BML MobilePay, you will have a digital wallet with prepaid cards in MVR and USD currencies. Top-up your prepaid card by choosing the “Top-Up” function on MobilePay before you start using the App.

Your MVR prepaid card will be the default card for MobilePay app. You will have the option to change the default card to any of your prepaid, debit or credit cards. You can also get physical prepaid cards upon request.

Your MVR and USD prepaid cards can be used to send money locally. However, international money transfers can only be made through your USD prepaid card. Additionally, for international money transfers you can also use a debit card if your USD account is set as your primary account.

Masveriya Card is also available as part of your digital wallet in BML MobilePay. Masveriya Card is an MVR prepaid card issued to fishermen. Fish purchasing companies will pay full amount owing to the Masveriya Card of Odiveriya/Keyolhu and he in turn will then distribute the funds among other fishermen of the vessel through BML MobilePay. Funds will be credited to their respective Masveriya Cards allowing for a more immediate and secure payment to the fishermen for their daily catch. The Masveriya Card also enables the fisherman to;

  • Withdraw and top-up cash, as needed through over vast ATM network across the country.
  • Make payments for supplies, fuel, ice and for personal goods/services at over 6000 merchants.
  • Send money easily to family and friends – BML Mobile Pay.
  • Check card balances and check transaction history.
  • Make international payments.
  • Increased accessibility for cash withdrawal through the 200 BML Agents spread across the country.

MobilePay Registration Guide

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FAQ BML MobilePay

Download BML MobilePay

All BML cardholders are eligible for this service which can be obtained by downloading the BML MobilePay app via App store or Google Play Store



Daily Limits

For added security, there are limits for transactions carried out via MobilePay:

Description Daily Limit (MVR) Daily count
Purchases MVR 50,000 10 transactions (NFC)
10 transactions (Non NFC)
Send Money MVR 15,000 50 transactions
Top Up MVR 50,000 20 transactions

Online International Money Transfer USD 3,000 5 Transactions