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Online queue tokens

Branches and Service Centres in Male' City

Online tokens via QueueBee

You can request for tokens for our services which are not available via ATM or online channels through the QueueBee app. Check number of customers ahead via online before visiting a branch. Online tokens will be available from 8am to 12:00pm on banking days via the app.

Customers can walk-in to collect their cards, statements or Internet Banking tokens from our Customer Service Centre (Ameenee Magu) during banking hours. You will no longer be required to take a QueueBee tokens at Customer Service Centre.

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Download QueueBee App

Which branches and service centres provide online tokens?

Services via the following branches and service centres will be available via QueueBee app.

We will discontinue issuing printed tokens and you will be welcomed inside the premises when there are two customers waiting ahead in the “waiting position” indicated on the App.

Services provided via QueueBee token

The following services not available via online or self-service banking will be provided through the service centres & Branches in Male’ city.

Main Branch

Loan Centre

Hulhumale’ Branch & Villimale’ Branch

Account Opening Centre (For Personal Customers Only)

Male’ Business Centre (For Business Customers Only)

Appointment based services

For services at our Account Opening Centre, Loan Centre, Business Centre for loan and account opening services will be required to make prior appointments via Appointment Portal or by SMS.