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Year 2020


Moratorium for all student loans under National Student Loan Scheme and Educational Assistance Loan Scheme (Eng/Dhi)

Additional Information regarding the Moratorium for all Bank of Maldives customers with personal, housing or business loans (Eng/Dhi)

Moratorium for all Bank of Maldives Customers with Personal, Housing, or Business Loans (Eng/Dhi)

Moratorium for all BML Islamic Customers with Personal, Housing, or Business Financing (Eng/Dhi)

Ready to Support the Local Economy on the Back of Strong Financial Performance (Eng/Dhi)

Bank of Maldives to offer Short-Term Financing in face of COVID-19 Outbreak (Eng/Dhi)

BML Introduces New Unsecured Business Financing Facility (Eng/Dhi)

BML Announces New Director of Operations (Eng/Dhi)

BML Announces Positive Changes to Personal Loans and Financing with an Attractive Promotion (Eng/Dhi)


BML Becomes Platinum Partner of "Gold 100" Business Awards (Eng/Dhi)

BML Opens New Account Opening and Loan Centre in Male' (Eng/Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Opens Application for "Aharenge Bank" Community Fund (Eng/Dhi)

BML Appoints New Customer Service Director (Eng/Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Posts Solid Financial Performance for Q4 2019 (Eng/Dhi)

BML Appoints New Chief Risk Officer and Director of Islamic Banking (Eng/Dhi)

Year 2019


Bank of Maldives Expands Nationwide Presence with New Branch in Noonu Velidhoo (Eng/Dhi)

BML Opens New Business Centre in Hulhumale' Continuing Support for Business (Eng /Dhi)

BML Partners with National Payments Corporation of India to Accept RuPay Cards in Maldives (Eng /Dhi)

BML Transforms Banking Service in Male' with New Service Centres (Eng /Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Launches American Express Platinum Card (Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives and American Express Launch Experience Maldives Destination Campaign (Eng /Dhi)

BML Partners with Ministry of Higher Education for Corporate Scholarship Scheme (Eng /Dhi)

BML Opens New Business Centre in Male' To Step-Up Support For Business (Eng /Dhi)

BML Appoints Deloitte Singapore For Forensic Audit In Relation to MMPRC (Eng /Dhi)

BML Islamic To Approve Personal Financing In One Day (Eng /Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Presents Long Service Award To 30 Employees (Eng /Dhi)

BML Posts Strong Performance As Investment Continues (Eng /Dhi)

BML Introduces Convenient Multi Channel Payment Solutions With mPOS and Merchant Portal (Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Launches The First Business Debit Card In The Country (Eng /Dhi)

BML and Mastercard Pave Way For Digital Payments (Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Donates Motorised Wheelchairs to 60 Individuals (Eng /Dhi)


BML Partners With the Tennis Association for the National Tennis Championship (Eng /Dhi)

BML Expands Services in Haa Alif Atoll with Self-Service Banking Centres in Kelaa and Baarah (Eng /Dhi)

BML Introduces USD ATM Service In Hulhumale (Eng /Dhi)

BML Islamic Scales Up It's Support To Growing Customer Base (Eng /Dhi)


'Asia's Best Employer Brand' Awarded To BML For Third Year In A Row (Eng /Dhi)

Qaanoonaa Ehgothah Thahugeegee Idhaaraathakah Foarukohdhey Mauloomaathaai Gulhigen Bank Aa Medhu Dhauvaaeh Nukureveyne (Dhi)

BML Expands Services In Raa Atoll With New ATM Centre At Alifushi (Eng /Dhi)

BML Shareholders Receive MVR129 Million Record Dividend (Eng /Dhi)

A Successful Year To Be Proud of (Eng /Dhi)

Thulhaadhoo and Maavah To Benefit From 24/7 Self-Service Banking (Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Posts Strong Half Year Results (Eng /Dhi)

Bank In Rayyithunge Majileehah Dheefaivaanee Thedhu Mauloomaathu (Dhi)

Thahugeegee Idhaaraathakah Mauloomaathu Foarukohdhinumaa Gulhey (Dhi)

BML Appoints New CEO (Eng /Dhi)

Statement In Relation To The Ongoing Investigation on the MMPRC Case (Eng /Dhi)


BML Introduces Complete Range of Shari'ah Compliant Business Financing Products (Eng /Dhi)


BML Continues Positive Trend With Strong First Quarter (Eng / Dhi )

Top Performing Employees Recognised at 'BML Staff Awards 2019' (Eng / Dhi )

BML Graduate Internship Program Continues Following a Successful First Year (Eng / Dhi)

BML Supports Ungoofaaru with New Branch Premises and 24/7 Self-Service Banking (Eng / Dhi)

Best Ever Financial Performance While Bank of Maldives Continues MVR 300 Million Investment Program (Eng / Dhi)


BML Announces Changes to the Payment Gateway to Support Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Expands Nationwide Presence with New Branch and 24.7 Self Service Banking Centre in Gadhdhoo (Eng / Dhi)

BML Launches Masveriyaa Card and Digital Wallet (Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives launches Aharenge Bank Community Fund (Eng /Dhi)

SOF Accountun Hingaafaaivaa Muaamalaaiythakaabehey (Dhi)

Bank of Maldives wins Excellence in Training and Development Award (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives introduces Higher Education Program BML Riveli (Eng / Dhi)

BML Steps up Support for Business with the Opening of Business Centre in Addu City (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Announces Amendments to Personal Loan Products (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Reports Strong Quarter 4 Results (Eng / Dhi)

BML Becomes Platinum Partner of Gold 100 Business Awards (Eng / Dhi)

BML Islamic Launches New Savings and Investment Deposit Accounts (Eng / Dhi)

Year 2018


Bank of Maldives Successfully Concludes ABA Conference and Takes Over Vice-Chairmanship (Eng / Dhi)

BML Says Digital Technology Key to Future Success (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Presents Integral Session 'Digital Transformation- The Future of Banking' (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives is Proud to Host Maldives' First Ever International Banking Conference (Eng / Dhi)


BML Islamic Launches New General Financing Product (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Reports Strong Q3 Results (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Honors Long Service Employees (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives again ranked among Asia's Best Employers (Eng / Dhi)

BML Posts Strong Results for H1 2018 (Eng / Dhi)

BML Says New Online Service Will Transform How Individuals Send Money Abroad (Eng / Dhi)


BML Showcases its Range of Banking Solutions for Resorts at Special "Great Banking for Great Resorts" Event in Kurumba (Eng / Dhi)


BML Shareholders to receive Record Dividend (Eng / Dhi)

Proud of our Progress - BML CEO Upbeat at Tonight's AGM (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Open Longer than other Banks during Ramazan (Eng / Dhi)

BML Islamic Launches Personal Financing Facility with Flexible Payment Plans (Eng / Dhi)


BML Posts Positive First Quarter Results (Eng / Dhi)

BML Honors Top Performing Employees at Staff Awards 2018 (Eng / Dhi)

BML Supports Eydhafushi with New Branch Premises and 24/7 Self Service Banking (Eng / Dhi)

Record Financial Performance Sees Bank of Maldives Double Community Investment in 2017 (Eng / Dhi)


Senior Asian Bankers Visit Maldives Ahead of Conference in November (Eng / Dhi)


BML Launches Graduate Internship Program (Eng / Dhi)

BML Receives Special Award for Investment in Communities (Eng / Dhi)

BML Steps Up Investment in Addu with 2 New ATMs (Eng / Dhi)

BML To Extend Its Agent Service On 5 Islands (Eng / Dhi)

BML Expands 'Cashless Ride' Service to Hulhumale’ (Eng / Dhi)

BML Introduces Online Applications for Range of Services (Eng / Dhi)

Vilimale’ to Benefit from 24/7 Self Service Banking and Upgraded Branch Premises (Eng / Dhi)

BML Launches New ‘Lifestyle Loan’ for Property Owners (Eng / Dhi)

BML Launches 28 ‘Aharenge Bank’ Initiatives in February (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Posts Strong Quarter 4 Results (Eng / Dhi)

BML Becomes Platinum Partner of “Gold 100” Business Awards (Eng / Dhi)

Year 2017


BML Expands Presence in Hulhumale' with New ATM (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives to Host Major Asian Banking Conference in 2018 (Eng / Dhi)

BML Supports Community in Fares Maathoda with New ATM (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives Honors Long Service Employees (Eng / Dhi)


BML Continues Positive Trend With Strong Third Quarter (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Provide Payment Capability for New Passport Cards (Eng / Dhi)


BML Expands Investment in Gaaf Alif Atoll with Three New ATMs (Eng / Dhi)


BML Partners with Maldives Basketball Association to Develop Young Talent (Eng / Dhi)

BML Shareholders to Receive Record Dividend (Eng / Dhi)

Investment Program is on Track – BML CEO (Eng / Dhi)

BML Announces Nominations for Board of Directors (Eng / Dhi)

BML Recognised as Best Employer Brand In Asia (Eng / Dhi)


BML Opens State-of-the-Art Customer Service Centre (Eng / Dhi)

BML Posts Better Than Expected Results (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Pledges to Support Tourism Industry Achieve its Target of 2 Million Tourists a Year by 2020 (Eng / Dhi)

BML & American Express Partner on Experience Maldives International Tourism Campaign (Eng / Dhi)


BML Supports Communities with Special Eid Gift (Eng / Dhi)


BML Islamic Launches Home Purchase Financing (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Sponsor National Football Teams (Eng / Dhi)

BML To Open Longer Than Other Banks During Ramazan (Eng / Dhi)

BML Honors Top Performing Employees at Staff Awards 2017 (Eng / Dhi)

BML Reveals Plans to Scale Up Investment in Hulhumale' (Eng / Dhi)

BML Declares Proud Investment in State-of-the-Art Tree Top Hospital (Eng / Dhi)

BML Supports Ooredoo Maldives IPO (Eng / Dhi)

BML Becomes Platinum Partner of Travel Trade Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Launch New Internet Banking Platform (Eng / Dhi)

BML Expands Nationwide Presence with Self Service ATM in Sh. Milandhoo (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Signs Partnership with Higher Education Institutions (Eng / Dhi)


BML Has Positive First Quarter with Strong Financial Results & Increased Investment Nationwide (Eng / Dhi)

BML Has 'Best Ever Year' in 2016 / Confirms Nationwide Investment Program Will Continue (Eng / Dhi)

New Self Service Banking ATM to Support Local Community in Lh. Hinnavaru (Eng / Dhi)

BML Expands Investment in B. Atoll With New ATM in Dharavandhoo (Eng / Dhi)


BML Opens Branch in Laamu Gan as Part of Its Community Investment Program (Eng / Dhi)


BML's Investment Program Continues with New Branches in Hoarafushi and Ihavandhoo (Eng / Dhi)

BML Islamic Launches First Home Finance Products (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives launches 'BML Cashless Ride' (Eng / Dhi)

BML Opens Modern New Contact Centre in Addu (Eng / Dhi)

BML Opens New Dedicated USD ATM Centre (Eng / Dhi)

BML Gift Cards Now Available from Expanded Range of Retail Outlets (Eng / Dhi)

BML Expands Cash Services in the Atolls with 200th Cash Agent (Eng / Dhi)

BML Point-of-Sale Network Expansion Continues with 4000th Merchant (Eng / Dhi)

Self Service Banking Introduced in Fuvahmulah as Part of 'Aharenge Bank' Program (Eng / Dhi)

BML Marks World Cancer Day with Donation and Participation at Sports Festival (Eng / Dhi)


BML Launches 'Aharenge Bank' Community Campaign (Eng / Dhi)

BML Posts Strong Profits & Reaffirms Commitment to Invest MVR 300 Million in 2017 (Eng / Dhi)

USD 1 Million in Two weeks (Eng / Dhi)

BML Begins Issuing Dollars From Velana International Airport (Eng / Dhi)

BML Introduces Convenient New Dollar System for Travelers (Eng / Dhi)

Year 2016


Bank of Maldives Expands Presence with New Branch in N. Holhudhoo (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Announces Executive Team Changes to Support Expansion Plans (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Honors Long Service Employees (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Partner with Corporate Maldives on Gold 100 Listing and Gala Event (Eng / Dhi)


Self Service Banking Launched in Velidhoo as Part of BML's Community Investment Program (Eng / Dhi)

BML at Forefront of Expanding Financial Sector (Eng / Dhi)


BML to Create 150 New Jobs and Double Community Investment (Eng / Dhi)

BML to Support Run to Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer (Eng / Dhi)

BML Supports First Privately Owned Company to Go Public in Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML Continues to Invest in Communities with Launch of Self Service Banking at Dhuvaafaru (Eng / Dhi)

BML Becomes Official Banking Partner of Maldivian Idol (Eng / Dhi)


BML Islamic to Launch Housing Finance Products in October (Eng / Dhi)

BML Islamic Dramatically Scales Up Presence With Opening of New Headquarters and Full-Fledged Branch (Eng / Dhi)

BML pledges to support Guesthouses Industry (Eng / Dhi)

BML to open all branches on 14th September (Eng / Dhi)


BML Takes Steps to Address High Demand for US Dollars (Eng / Dhi)

BML Becomes Title Sponsor of Guesthouses Maldives Conference (Eng / Dhi)

BML and Maldives Immigration partner on new Passport card (Eng / Dhi)

BML Partners with MPAO on Housing Loans (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives participates in Credit Guarantee Scheme (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives introduces a new loan product to support victims of disasters (Eng / Dhi)

BML Delivers Strong First Half Results (Eng / Dhi)

BML Euro Gift Grand Prize Winner announced (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives launches BML "MobilePay" (Eng / Dhi)

BML staff kick-off Cancer Screening Program (Eng / Dhi)


Winners of BML Euro Gift Weekly Draw Announced (Eng / Dhi)

BML hosts Corporate clients at special event "Maldives: A Great Place to Invest" (Eng / Dhi)

BML supports children at Hulhumale' shelter (Eng / Dhi)


BML to open longer than other banks during Ramazan (Eng / Dhi)

Fareeha Shareef re-appointed as Chairperson of Bank of Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML CEO says country should be proud of its Maldivian Bank (Eng / Dhi)

BML shareholders to get a record dividend for the third consecutive year (Eng / Dhi)

BML wins Prestigious International Award for Investment across Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML extends its BML Easy Pay plan to the atolls in time for Ramazan (Eng / Dhi)

BML Honors its top performing employees at Staff Award 2016 (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces new Savings Account for Children (Eng / Dhi)

BML Bazar Branch to become BML's Dedicated US Dollar Sales Point for Travelers (Eng / Dhi)


2016, Q1 - BML begins 2016 with strong quarter as investment continues (Eng / Dhi)

BML teams up with TfG to support Children's Run (Eng / Dhi)

2015, Annual Results -BML investment program to continue as profits grow (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces Maldives' first ever Gift Card (Eng / Dhi)

BML becomes Exclusive Nationwide Partner of Swimming Association of Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML to introduce convenient account opening (Eng / Dhi)

BML appoints new Corporate Banking Director (Eng / Dhi)

BML's reduced interest rates come into effect today (Eng / Dhi)


BML expands Self Service Banking in the atolls (Eng / Dhi)

BML American Express cardmembers to enjoy up to 7% discounts on (Eng / Dhi)

BML announces lowest interest rates in the country (Eng / Dhi)


BML launches Green Loan to encourage investment in environment-friendly technology (Eng / Dhi)

BML completes branch presence in all atolls with country's first green branch in V. Felidhoo (Eng / Dhi)

BML launches BML Payment Gateway and establishes new style branch in K. Maafushi (Eng / Dhi)

Cheaper loans on the horizon as BML decides to cut interest rates (Eng / Dhi)


BML expands Self-Service Banking with 10th ATM Centre at IGMH (Eng / Dhi)

2015, Q4 - BML 2015 results highlight biggest ever investment program while also delivering strong financial growth (Eng / Dhi)

Year 2015


BML increases Visa Debit Card Daily Foriegn Spend Limits (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives announces 'new style' branch for Felidhoo, Vaavu Atoll (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives announces BML Green Fund in conjunction with Ministry of Environment and Energy (Eng/ Dhi)

Bank of Maldives Announces Major Hulhumale’ Investment Strategy ( Eng /Dhi)

Bank of Maldives introduces 'BML EasyPay" for credit cardholders (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives gives Long Service Awards to employees (Eng / Dhi)

BML Islamic expands services into Business Banking (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives, Dhiraagu, Ooredoo and Maldives Police Service urge people to never share their bank details with anyone (Eng / Dhi)


BML advises people to be cautious when asked to provide personal information amidst increased scams (Eng / Dhi)

BML considering expanding overseas to support investment in Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML uses occasion of anniversary to thank staff, pledge presence in every atoll, on every island (Eng / Dhi)


BML extends Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services for visually-impaired customers (Eng / Dhi)

BML financial performance remains strong as investment continues (Eng / Dhi)


BML all set to provide better support to customers during Eid holidays (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives enhances it's presence at Ibrahim Nasir Int. Airport (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives reminds the public to be aware of fraudulent emails and calls (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives launches BML Insurance (Eng / Dhi)


BML launches new loan for retailers (Eng / Dhi)

BML launches free Cash Back Service for BML Debit Cards (Eng / Dhi)


BML reports big increase in new lending as strong financial performance continues (Eng / Dhi)

Mobile Banking receives great response (Eng / Dhi)

Mobile Banking comes to Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML Kiyavaa Loan now more accessible (Eng / Dhi)


BML expands Self-Service Banking with new unit at MOFT (Eng / Dhi)

BML announces Ramazan banking hours (Eng / Dhi)

BML help students with special needs at Imaduddin School (Eng / Dhi)


Fareeha Shareef is new BML Chairperson (Eng / Dhi)

New directors appointed to BML Board (Eng / Dhi)

BML shareholders to get record dividend (Eng / Dhi)

BML to establish a support office & ATM services in Maafushi island (Eng / Dhi)

BML celebrates Cash Agent service in 100 islands (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces a new loan product for Teachers (Eng / Dhi)


BML recommends record dividend as strong performance continues (Eng / Dhi)

BML Home Loan now more widely available (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives announces positive amendments to Lui Express Loan (Eng / Dhi)

Bank of Maldives announces plans to make loans more accessible (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives announces new Marketing Director (Eng)


BML's strong performance continues with Q4 2014 operating profit of MVR 434 million (Eng / Dhi)

BML establishes presence in F. Atoll – opening of 27th Branch in F. Nilandhoo (Eng / Dhi)

BML starts to roll out Islamic Banking Services with launch of Wadi'ah Deposit Product (Eng / Dhi)

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Annual Report 2019

Year 2014


BML introduces first ATM with USD withdrawal and deposit services (Eng)


BML to introduce flexible working options for staff (Eng / Dhi)

BML CEO Andrew Healy elected to Board of Asian Banker's Association (Eng / Dhi)

Five Thousand customers use BML Self-service ATMs in six days (Eng / Dhi)

BML uses anniversary to underline commitment to atolls (Eng / Dhi)

BML to introduce USD ATMs (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces deposit, transfer and payment services via ATMs (Eng / Dhi)


BML financial performance continues to improve -Q3 (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives announces changes to structure and Executive Team (Eng / Dhi)

BML financial performance continues to improve-Q2 (Eng / Dhi)


BML inaugurates an additional ATM in Kulhdhuffushi (Eng / Dhi)

BML appoints Head of Customer Service (Eng / Dhi)

BML gives advice to customers planning to travel abroad (Eng / Dhi)


BML shares three-year strategy at AGM (Eng / Dhi)

BML announces 50 islands to get cash withdrawal services this year (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces free money transfer services within Maldives (Eng / Dhi)

BML introduces free ATM cash withdrawals (Eng / Dhi)

BML to establish new Business Banking Unit (Eng / Dhi)

BML offers same-day Bank Guarantee Service (Eng / Dhi)

BML Board recommends a record dividend pay-out of MVR 80.7 million for 2013 (Eng / Dhi)


BML makes first quarter profit of MVR 199 million (Eng / Dhi)


Andrew Healy appointed as Managing Director (Eng / Dhi)


Bank of Maldives reports net profit of MVR667m for 2013 (Eng / Dhi)

BML appoints new CEO (Eng / Dhi)