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New scam tactics

Pretending to be an authentic business

Scammer creates Facebook or Instagram page and pretends to sell unique products. These pages may show up on your ‘sponsored’ posts and looks like a genuine business. Once customer reaches the page the scammer talks to the customer via phone and promises to deliver goods. Once payment is sent, customer is unable to contact the seller via phone or social media.

USD exchange

Scammers create Telegram, Viber channels or groups selling USD at a reasonable rate. Once payment is sent they are unable to reach the person and funds are lost. 

Pretending to be a friend

Scammer contacts a person and talks in a friendly manner saying they are an old friend who used to work with them before. Scammers use contact details to find information via Facebook or other social media channels to make conversation. They make up a story which sounds urgent and emotional and usually uses a common name. They say they have an MIB account and as transfer takes time they request to borrow money for the time being and ask to transfer to a third parties BML account. In cases as such, the voice sounds familiar and the situation may seem genuine prompting the customer to proceed with the request. Once the payment is not credited to their account, customer then knows this is a scam.