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Merchant Portal & mPOS

BML Merchant Portal

Key Features

Accept payments online anywhere with our Merchant Portal on your desktop or through our mPOS App on your smartphone. Free and fast set-up to accept all major payment methods, without the need for a traditional card machine.

BML Merchant Portal can be accessed from desktop to:

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What is mPOS?

BML mPOS is the simplified in-person payment collection method that can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Through BML mPOS you can, 

All registered businesses can apply for BML Merchant Portal and BML mPOS, including, sole traders, SME’s, companies and online businesses.

Submit the following documents to apply

Once registered, access codes will be emailed to the email address provided to the Bank. You can download authorization letter and board resolution formats from below.

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Download mPOS App

BML merchants can now provide easy, fast and secure payment using a unique QR code for customers to simply Scan & Pay.

Use your smartphone to accept payments without the need of a POS terminal.

Monitor your business transactions real-time through the merchant dashboard.

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Payment Request

Payment Request is a request for payments generated using our Merchant Portal or mPOS, that can be sent as a link to your customers through 

By accessing the link, the customer has the option to complete the transaction using MobilePay, Card, or another International Digital wallet. Transactions completed via Payment Request are considered as card transactions.

Payment Request

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QR Code is a Quick Response code which directs customers to a secure Checkout Portal to complete payment. Your customers can scan the QR Code and pay with BML MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Ali Pay, WeChat and UnionPay.

Static QR

Static QR is a pre-printed QR that can be displayed at merchant locations. Ideal for take away bakeries, busy restaurants and retail shops, customers scan the QR code and enter the payment amount to complete transactions.

Dynamic QR

Dynamic QR codes are generated on mPOS or POS Terminals after entering the transaction amount. When the QR is scanned, the transaction amount is displayed for customers to pay through the BML MobilePay app or other digital wallets.

QR Code

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Useful downloads

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