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Merchant Data Compromise

What you need to know

A merchant data compromise is an organized fraudulent activity where a merchant’s payment system is breached and cardholder information is stolen by third parties. Such compromises can potentially impact millions of customers globally, and protecting you is our top priority.

Together with the support of our International Card Partners, we are updated with any data breaches of merchants and their networks around the world. 

When a potential data compromise is identified, it is standard practice for all related cards to be proactively deactivated to protect customers against any fraudulent transactions that may occur. After deactivation, customers are duly informed regarding new replacement cards. 

Such incidents are not a security breach of your account or card data with the Bank, but a breach of data from a merchant.  

How you are protected

To make sure your cards and data are secure, we routinely monitor for suspicious activity on your accounts.  

If any such activity is identified or we receive any updates of an incident from our partners, your cards will be deactivated and new cards issued with waived off replacement fees.  

All BML issued card payments are protected by 3D secure authentication to validate purchases, prevent unauthorized use and ensure utmost security and no financial losses for the customer. 

An additional feature to reduce the risk of unauthorized use is a unique One Time Password generated before a transaction is approved, which should not be shared with anyone.   

Furthermore, liability policies in place with our card partners guarantee that you will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card fraudulently used. 

What you need to do

Once we issue the new card, update your card information for your routine payments, online subscriptions or digital wallets.  

We advise you to remain further vigilant and never provide details such as your card numbers, CVC/CVV numbers, PIN, OTP, Mobile Banking App password, Internet Banking password or username to third parties. BML will never contact customers asking to verify such details.  

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