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Wadi’ah Personal Account

Wadi'ah Personal Account

You can now open your Wadi'ah Personal Current Account from our BML Islamic Male’ Branch or from any of our Atoll-based Branches available nationwide.

The Wadi'ah Personal Account is fully Shariah-Compliant and is based on the Islamic principle of Wadi’ah Yad al-Dhamanah (guaranteed safe custody). Funds deposited with BML Islamic accounts are maintained in a separate fund pool and will be used for Shariah-compliant purposes in accordance with Shariah compliance standards. The funds will be invested in halal activities with utmost care and due diligence.

Key features

• Fully Shari’ah-Compliant and based on the Islamic principle of Wadi’ah Yad al-Dhamanah (guaranteed safe custody)

• Available in MVR and USD currencies

We also provide wide range of banking facilities including

Open a Wadi’ah Personal Account

If you are a new customer, residing in the below listed area, take a token through QueueBee to visit the relevant Branch.

Or you can visit the nearest branch if you are in any other Island without a prior appointment or token.

Our branches are open from 8:30am to 2:00pm, Sundays to Thursdays (except public holidays).

If you are registered for Internet Banking, log-in and open an additional account via the "Services" tab.

Useful downloads

Checklist for account opening / Information Form - Personal English
Information Form - Personal English / Dhivehi
BML Islamic Joint Account Supplementary Form English / Dhivehi
BML Islamic Personal Account Opening Form English / Dhivehi