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Bank Accounts

Choose a BML Islamic account for your needs

Wadi’ah Personal Account

Choose a Shari’ah compliant current account based on the Islamic principle of Wadi’ah Yad al-Dhamanah.

You can open a Wadi’ah Personal Account either in MVR or USD. The money you deposit remains in separate fund pool and is maintained in accordance with the Shari’ah Compliance standard

BML Islamic Kids' Saver Account

Get your kids started on the good habit of saving at a young age with a Shari’ah compliant savings account.

For children below the age of 18 years, open a USD or an MVR account within 5 days. You can keep a track of the account activity through internet banking, and schedule automatic transfers from your account.

BML Islamic Savings Account

The BML Islamic Savings Account is based on Wakalah bil Isthismar (investment agency) where we are appointed as your agent to invest in Shari’ah compliant investments or instruments.

You can easily deposit and withdraw money, manage your account and get account statements instantly. With our vast network of ATM’s, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking App, you’re all set!

BML Islamic General Investment Account

Looking to save a fixed amount of money for a specific period of time?

With the BML Islamic General Investment Account option which is based on Wakalah bil Isthismar (investment agency), it’s quite easy!

You can open either a USD or an MVR account and get attractive profit rates for flexible investment options.

Wadi’ah Expatriate Account

Our Wadi’ah Expatriate Account is fully Shari’ah compliant and is based on the Islamic principle of Wadi’ah Yad al-Dhamanah (guaranteed safe custody). Manage your account, make payments, and deposit and withdraw anywhere, anytime.  

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