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Real Estate Financing

Develop property and invest anywhere in the country with our Shariah compliant Real Estate Financing based on the concept of Diminishing Musharakah.

This facility can be used to build, renovate, extend and refurbish property for commercial use or for leasing, and can also be used to refinance existing Real Estate loans/ finance facilities taken from BML or from other institutions for the same purpose.

Key features

   30% equity: 11% p.a.

   40% equity: 10.75% p.a.

   50% equity: 10.50% p.a.

Real Estate Financing can be utilized for the construction of:

Am I eligible?

Applicable fees

How do I apply?

Useful downloads

BML Islamic Real Estate Financing Application Form Dhivehi
FAQ- BML Islamic Real Estate Financing Dhivehi