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Financing Products

Our range of Shari’ah compliant financing for personal and business needs

BML Islamic Personal Financing

Shari’ah compliant financing, approved in just 1 day

BML Islamic Home Construction Financing

Building or renovating your home is now possible with our Shari’ah compliant Home Construction financing, based on the Islamic principle of Diminishing Musharaka. You can also apply for re-financing of existing home construction loans/finance facilities taken from BML or from another institution for the same purpose.

BML Islamic Home Purchase Financing

Our Home Purchase financing is the Shari’ah compliant alternative to purchase apartments, flats or row houses anywhere in Maldives. 

BML Islamic Vehicle Financing

Your ultimate Shari’ah compliant solution to purchase a car or a motorbike via our Authorized Dealers. 

BML Islamic Real Estate Financing

Develop property and invest anywhere in the country with our Shari’ah compliant Real Estate Financing based on the concept of Diminishing Musharakah.

BML Islamic General Financing

A Shari’ah compliant facility to finance to obtain financing for any Shari’ah compliant purpose, other than medical and education. 

BML Islamic Working Capital Finance

With our Working Capital Financing you can finance up to 20% of your 3 year average annual sale through a Shari’ah compliant facility and without any additional collateral.

BML Islamic Business Development Financing

Our BML Islamic Business Development Financing is the ultimate Shari’ah compliant solution to support your business financial needs such as, to finance the start-up of a new business or property development.

BML Islamic Retailers’ Financing

An exclusive financing solution granted to existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) using BML Point of Sale (POS) terminals. This financing is specifically designed and tailored to finance the working capital of businesses, restocking of goods for sale, acquiring asset, finance imports and for the growth of the business. 

BML Islamic Guest House Finance

Our BML Islamic Guest House financing provides you a Shari’ah compliant alternative to invest or expand your Guest House businesses across the country.

BML Islamic Letter of Credit

Manage your risk and secure your finances with a Shari’ah complaint Letters of Credit

BML Islamic Bank Guarantee

Based on the concept of Wakalah and Kafalah, our Bank Guarantee facility is offered for businesses to strengthen and/or secure an obligation in their contract, such as performance of projects or making payments.