Bml Islamic

BML Islamic Visa Debit Card

Choose our BML Islamic VISA Debit Card and be assured of greater flexibility and convenience accessing your funds with BML Islamic. The card is accepted both locally through our large network of POS terminals and ATMs, and on the international VISA network.

Make your local, online and overseas payments with this world-class Shari’ah-Compliant card, introduced for the first time in the Maldives.

Key Benefits:

• Worldwide card acceptance
• Nationwide access to the largest POS and ATM network in the country
• Free ATM cash deposit and withdrawal (including US Dollar ATMs)
• Cash withdrawal services in over 160 islands
• Self-Service Banking facilities at our ATMs.
• 24/7 customer service
• Emergency card replacement
• Bank of Maldives privileges and promotions

How to apply

All BML Islamic personal account holders can apply for a BML Islamic Visa Debit card. Please submit the BML Islamic Visa Debit card Application Form to our BML Islamic Male’ Branch or Atoll-based BML Branch closest to you, among the country’s largest network of branches. Only a BML Islamic Account can be linked as the primary account to BML Islamic Visa Debit Card.

* Existing BML Visa Debit Card will be cancelled upon activation of BML Islamic Visa Debit Card