Bml Islamic

Personal Banking

BML Islamic offers Shari’ah-Compliant financial solutions for managing your personal finances, with the convenience of our Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking services available at your fingertips.

Manage your finances with the convenience of 24-hour Self-Service Banking Centres which allow you to withdraw and deposit cash, deposit cheques and transfer funds. You will also have access to the country’s largest ATM network including US Dollar ATMs located at H. Marine Dream (Near Artificial Beach) and at Velana International Airport.

BML Islamic is fully Shari’ah-compliant and has been developed according to international standards and best practices for Islamic Banking. Customer deposits are maintained in a separate fund that is utilized exclusively for Shari’ah-compliant purposes. This process is overseen by the Bank’s Shari’ah Advisory Committee, which includes internationally recognized experts.

To apply for our services, please visit our BML Islamic Male’ Branch or any BML Branch in the atolls.