BML Islamic Bank Guarantee

BML Islamic Bank Guarantee is a Shari’ah compliant service offered for businesses to use to strengthen and/or secure an obligation in their contract, such as performance of projects or making payments.

BML Islamic Bank Guarantee will be issued based on the Islamic Banking concepts of Wakala and Kafalah.

Under BML Islamic Bank Guarantee, the following guarantee products will be offered:

  • BML Islamic Bid Guarantee
  • BML Islamic Performance Guarantee
  • BML Islamic Shipping Guarantee
  • BML Islamic Advance Payment Guarantee
  • BML Islamic Payment Guarantee
  • BML Islamic Guarantee Advising
  • Other Guarantees Acceptable by Shari’ah


  • Fully Shari’ah Compliant
  • Accessibility for customers throughout the nation
  • Easy process for customers if 100% cash margin

For fees and charges please refer to BML Islamic Schedule of Charges & Fees.

How to Apply

Please submit the completed application form along with the required documents to BML Islamic Male’ Branch or any other Branch outside Male’. For more information, please visit us at BML Islamic Male’ Branch or any other BML Branch or call us at 3330200.