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Internet Banking mail templates

Sending requests via Internet Banking

We've created templates for you to copy and paste when requesting for a service. Please make sure to include the details required in the brackets.

To send a request, log-in to Internet Banking and click on the message icon.


1. Request to change primary account permanently: 

Please change the primary account of my [card name, eg. Mastercard debit card] to my [account number, eg. USD account 7701XXXXXXXXX] permanently. 

2. Request to change primary account temporarily, for a maximum of 1 month: 

Please change the primary account of my [card name, eg Mastercard debit card] to my [account number, eg. USD account 7701XXXXXXXXX] temporarily from [start date] to [end date].

3. Request to replace existing credit or debit card:

Please replace my existing [AMEX/ VISA /MasterCard– CREDIT/ DEBIT] with a new card. I would like to collect it from [Branch Name – if in Male’, please write Customer Service Centre]

4. Request for an account statement or a card statement

Please send me my bank statement from [start date] to [end date] of my [account / card [account number / card type for credit cards].  

The purpose for the statement is [explain purpose, eg. visa application

The account number to be charged for the statement is [7701XXXXXXXXX].  

I would like the statement to be emailed to me at [email address].  

Please note the following:  


5. Request to link an additional account to your card

Please link my account [7701XXXXXXXXX] with my card [Card type, eg Mastercard debit]  

Please make this my [Primary/Secondary] account of this card.   

6. Request to send card to an overseas address

Please post my card to my address abroad. My details are as follows: 

Full name:  

ID card number : 

Current contact number abroad : 

Card type [Amex / Visa/MasterCard, Credit / Debit]  

Postal address with post code : 

Email address: 

Courier Type: DHL 

The account charges should be debited from [7701XXXXXXXXX

Please post my to my address mentioned above. I will bear all charged if the package gets returned. 

Now you can set or change PIN via Internet Banking