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Tips & How-to

Learn how to use the new features on our Mobile Banking App.

Card Management

Learn how to manage cards via Mobile Banking app.

International Transfers (TT)

Conveniently make international transfers on Internet Banking


You can make transfers instantly without saving the Payee’s details

Account Transfers

How to make account transfers on our Mobile Banking App

View, re-save and share transfer receipts

View, re-save and share your transfer receipts whenever you need on our Mobile Banking app

Switch profiles

Switch between personal, joint and business profiles while you’re banking on the go

Internet Banking Registration

Follow these simple steps to receive your login credentials instantly.

Register here:

Internet Banking

Set card PIN

Set or change PIN via Internet Banking

Mobile banking app

Save Receipts

Forgot to save the receipt of the transfer you just made?

You can now view and share your old receipts through the app!

Internet Banking

Update personal information

How to update your personal information through Internet Banking


Change Auto-lock Duration

Now you have the option to select the duration for the auto-lock

Internet Banking

Add a Contact

How to add a beneficiary account for money transfer through Internet Banking.

Internet Banking

Reset Password

How to reset Internet Banking password, if you have forgotten or need to change the password.