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Helping you to stay safe

Helping you to stay safe

Your security is our top priority we take great care to protect our customers from any fraudulent activities which may occur during day to day banking.

What to look for

Common scenarios

Here are some common scenarios which will help you spot fraudulent activities and stay safe.

You have noticed unauthorized or unusual activity on your account

Our customer service team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you

You have received a suspicious email

You have received a suspicious SMS

You can also reach us via Facebook, Twitter or LiveChat to confirm if we sent any SMS to you.

You have received a suspicious call

If you’re unsure that the call is from Bank of Maldives, you call reach us at 3330200 or request us to call you back via Facebook, Twitter or LiveChat.

You have received a call from someone pretending to be your friend

USD sale via social media

Promotional stories in the name of other institutes

Hacking your email or social media accounts

Log in credentials being compromised

Online trading

Sale and purchase of merchandize and services