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Digital Signatures at Bank of Maldives

Digital Signatures at Bank of Maldives

At Bank of Maldives, we are committed to providing our customers with secure and efficient banking services. To enhance the security of certain documents and statements, we are introducing digital signatures. This page aims to help you understand the purpose and benefits of digital signatures and guide you on how to make full use of this feature.

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism that verifies the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. Just like a handwritten signature on a physical document confirms its origin and ensures it has not been tampered with, a digital signature serves the same purpose for electronic files.

When you receive a document bearing a digital signature from Bank of Maldives, it confirms the following:

Origin: The document was issued by Bank of Maldives.

Integrity: The document has not been altered or modified since it was digitally signed.

Benefits of Digital Signatures

Guide to Verifying Digital Signatures

To verify the digital signature on a Bank of Maldives document, follow these steps:

Download the Certificate (Public Key): You can download the public key required to verify the digital signature here

Checking Digital Signatures: To check the authenticity of the document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher. During the validation process, the system will compare the certificate's validity with the list of locked certificates. Please ensure you have an active internet connection during the validation process.

A “Certified by (Author)” on Adobe Acrobat Reader indicates the real author of the document and it displays a blue ribbon on top of it showing the name of author and issuer of certificate for authentication.

Understanding the Working of Digital Signatures

To safeguard confidential information, encryption systems are utilized to secure data transmitted over the internet. These encryption methods form the foundation of secure data exchange. In the case of Bank of Maldives, we have partnered with an official Trust Center, a certificate issuing authority.

The Trust Center provides Bank of Maldives with two keys for the digital signatures:

Private Key: This key is kept strictly confidential and is used by Bank of Maldives to encrypt the e-documents.

Public Key: The public key is available for download from our website. It is used to decrypt the e-documents and verify whether the document was indeed issued by Bank of Maldives and has not been altered.

The mathematical complexity and length of the keys ensure that the authenticity and integrity of the e-documents can only be confirmed when the two keys fit together. The public key, being accessible to all, can encode messages, while they can only be decoded using the private key.

Validity Period of the Key

The private keys used for encryption at Bank of Maldives are valid for three years. On the other hand, the public keys used for decryption are valid indefinitely, or until they are revoked and added to the blocked list for security reasons.

By adopting digital signatures, Bank of Maldives aims to provide you with a secure and convenient banking experience. We remain dedicated to safeguarding your financial transactions and information while embracing modern technologies to streamline our services. If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding digital signatures, please feel free to contact our customer support team.