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Set or change your PIN through Internet Banking

What is a Digital PIN?

A Digital PIN allows you to set or change your PIN instantly via Internet Banking. This is a faster and easier way to set your PIN, without having to request and wait for a physical printed PIN.

Can I change my PIN online?

Yes. You can set or change your card PIN instantly via Internet Banking. Your card must be an active card.

How do I set or change my PIN on internet banking?

Log-in to Internet Banking and follow these steps:

1. Go to the Services tab

2. Select Card Management

3. Select Set PIN

4. Select your Card and enter the Expiry Date

5. Enter your preferred 4-digit numeric PIN and re-enter to confirm

6. Select how to receive your OTP (One-Time Password)

7. Enter the OTP code

8. Submit the request

Is it secure to set or change a PIN via Internet Banking?

Yes. Internet Banking is a secure platform which requires your Login ID and Password. When you change your PIN, we have added an additional security feature which requires you to enter an OTP to verify that it is a genuine request. Never share your internet banking credentials or your OTP with anyone. 

Is the new PIN set or changed effective instantly?

Once PIN is successfully changed via Internet Banking, you can start using your new PIN immediately.

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