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Giving back to our communities

Barbecue Area in B. Goidhoo

The space was commonly used by the community as a picnic spot, and this area has now been revamped with a hut, barbecue grills and a dining space with tables and benches. Dustbins are kept around the space to ensure proper waste management.

Fish filleting platform in N. Maalhendhoo

The space is designed to be used during the day and night with appropriate lighting, storage unit, clean water and with workstations for 8 people. The waste water is directly removed through the drains and dustbins have been placed in the area.

Reading park in AA. Thoddoo

The aim of the project is to foster the habit of reading in the community while providing a convenient space for readers and instill community engagement and family bond. The reading park is equipped with a mini library and the space has seating arrangements set with traditional joali and swings for parents visiting the park.

Designed in the concept of a garden, the reading park is also established with games such as chess and dominos to help children develop motor skills. The park also consist of plants that are labelled, helping children gain knowledge and learn surrounding objects and things found in our environment.

Community Park in H.A. Dhidhdhoo

The aim of the project is to create a space for the community to gather in their leisure time and strengthen community bonds. The park, located near the beach, is equipped with barbeque facilities, seating areas, swings and an outdoor library for reading enthusiasts in the community.

Reading park in H.Dh. Nolhivaranfaru

The aim of the project is to instill love for reading in the island community by providing a convenient space for readers. Equipped with books for all ages, the park is equipped with benches, traditional joali and swings and is designed to be protected from harsh weather.

Establishing a community library in R.Fainu

The aim of this project is to grow the habit of reading among youth and raise an educated generation. IN addition to easy access to a variety of books, the library is also equipped with a computer lab housing 3 computer systems which students can access for school or research work. As part of the project, the space in front of the Community Centre was upgraded with benches and bookshelves for the convenience of visitors. The project also supported the establishment of mobile bookshelves in three different locations in the island’s beach area.

BTech classroom in Gemanafushi

The classroom is designed to provide practical training to BTech students preparing to work in the hospitality industry. As part of this project, a classroom is built as a replica of the work environment to provide practical experience for BTech students. The classroom will aim to provide students with experience in customer service, housekeeping and basic cooking skills that will help students gain experience while learning essential skills required to work in the industry.

Fish cutting platform in A.A. Bodufolhudhoo

The space is designed to be used during the day and night, and is equipped with 8 stations supplying clean water and also has a storage unit adjacent to the area. The platform is established to be used by the local fishermen and is easily accessible to be used by the local community as well.

Beach shed at Hulhumale’ Foiy Gaadiya

The aim of this project is to find a solution to protect books at the Foiy Gaadiyaa from adverse weather conditions while making the space more accessible for the community. As part of the project, a traditional Maldivian beach shed ‘Haruge’ was built allowing a space to keep the books safe. The area will also be used to arrange activities such as book reading for kids and adults, book clubs, art and craft station, educational projects as well as allow space for schools to arrange day trips for reading sessions during school hours.

Skate park in G.Dh. Vaadhoo

The aim of this project is to provide the younger generation a means to develop new skills for personal development and create a fun environment to promote a healthy lifestyle. In a community where surfing is popular, the stake park will also be important in developing surfing skills, as both require a similar skills and mindset. This will open new employment opportunities for young people, as the tourism industry grows in the atoll.

Nature park in G.Dh. Hoadedhdhoo

The project focuses on encouraging visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area and increase awareness on the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

As part of this project, an 85 feet walkway and a viewing platform was built in addition to benches and a BBQ area. An area to cut fish and dustbins for proper waste management was also established while work was done to green the area further.

Supply books to the library in Fuvahmulah City

As part of this project, over 400 books for different age groups were donated. These include English, Dhivehi and Islamic books in addition to textbooks for higher studies including those for A’level students. 

Establishing safe drinking water system in GA. Atoll School

The aim of the project is to provide safe drinking water for students and staff of the school and eliminate single use plastic. Two RO machines and 3 water dispensers were placed within the school for students and staff for have easy access to water.

As part of the project 114 students, staff and those visiting the school will have easy access to safe drinking water. Currently water supply at the school is from desalination water and is not used due to concerns regarding quality. Due to this, about 16, 500 single use plastic bottles are used each academic year. The project aims to change the way people think and benefit the environment. 

Installation of Solar Streetlights in Sh. Goidhoo

50 solar powered streetlights were installed on a 2km area in the island’s main road to parks and picnic areas.

Eco Park in G.Dh Nadella

he project focuses on increasing awareness and encouraging visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area while helping to preserve it for future generations.

The eco park is designed with a viewing platform and is equipped solar lighting, seating areas and waste bins to create an area which is relaxing, clean and environmentally sustainable.

Support to R. Kinolhas with the islands waste management system

The project supported by Community Fund is a step towards establishing a well-rounded waste management system and enables to sort, collect and clear waste generated in public spaces.

BML Community Fund

BML Community Fund is an initiative to empower individuals to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. Every quarter, 5 winning projects are selected to receive MVR 50,000 each to make a difference in their community.

Every year, MVR 1 million is awarded under this project to work with passionate individuals and NGOs. In 2021, we supported 20 island communities through this initiative.

Haa Alif Dhidhdhoo, Molhadhoo and Thakandhoo
Haa DhaaluHanimaadhoo
NoonuHenbadhoo and Maalhendhoo
Baa. Kudarikilu
Alif AlifMathiveri
LaamuFonadhoo and Gan
Gaafu DhaaluFiyoaree and Thinadhoo

Staff Volunteer Activities

We know our most valuable asset is our employees, and we encourage them to share their skills with communities that best suit their interests. Our dedicated and passionate team of volunteers have been on hand at various initiatives including clean-ups across islands and road safety campaign. Today and for the years ahead, we hope to continue creating a culture of giving among our employees.

Following this year's World Humanitarian Day, our branch teams teamed up with volunteers to support the communities of Sh. Funadhoo, N. Manadhoo, F. Nilandhoo, Th. Guraidhoo, GDh. Thinadhoo and Addu City. 

In December 2021, to mark World Volunteer Day, our H. A. Ihavandhoo branch, Fuvahmulah branch, Veymandoo branch, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo branch and Ha. Dhidhdhoo branch participated in different activities in the islands such as repainting walls in community areas and island cleanups  

Financial Literacy Program

Building a stronger financial future will ensure resilient and secure households, communities and economies.

Our financial literacy program is designed to educate people of all ages to make well informed decisions about their personal finances – from opening an account, to saving and investing and protecting yourself from fraud. In 2021, we held sessions 7 islands across the country 

Supporting Healthy PWDs Program

The BML Wow Kidz Run in partnership with 3000-TfG took place in December 2021 with a total of 900 kids. In 2021 we supported Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities MAPD with a donation of MVR 100,000 for their “Healthy PWDs Program”. The program aims to provide children with disabilities access to physiotherapy as well as behavioural, speech and occupational therapy. 

Partnership with sports associations

We emphasize on creating opportunity in sports – especially investing in youth who aspire to become athletes. In 2021, we continued our partnerships with sports associations. We are the official sponsor of the Men & Women’s National Football Teams, Exclusive Youth Development Partner of Basketball Association, Nationwide Partner of Swimming Association of Maldives and a partner for the National Tennis Championship.

Samaaluvey – Fraud Prevention

As part of our Samaaluvey campaign, we actively work to share information and updates regarding fraud prevention with our customer. Public awareness is vital to preventing fraud. 

Click here to learn more.

Staff Charity Run

In the annual Staff Charity Run 2021, we donated MVR 80,000 to Maldives Deaf Association and Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association, enabling Deaf Association to hold sign language courses and Beautiful Eyes to train 30 behavioral therapists nationwide. This run has always been a great opportunity for us to raise awareness for important causes together with our families.


Supporting SEN Classes

We donated educational tools to 9 islands to aid Special Education Need students. 

The donation was made to:

HA. Atholhu Thauleemee Marukazu
HDh. Atholhu Thauleemee Marukazu
Lh. Atholhu Thauleemee Marukazu
K. Atholhu Madharusaa
AA. Mathiveri School
ADh. Fenfushi School 
Dh. Atholhu Thauleemee Marukazu 
L. Atholhu Thauleemee Marukazu
Mohamed Jamaluddin School, Gn. Fuvahmulah 

The donation has reached and made a positive impact in the lives of 330 students studying and receiving therapies. 

Community picnic area at Kan’doodhoo beach

The community picnic area is now open for the public, with huts, beach umbrellas, sitting areas, a traditional ‘undhoalige’ and spaces designed for cooking and barbecue activities. The picnic area has a designated space for exercising and has a fresh water well. To ensure the landscape of the area is well kept, 30 coconut palms and additional trees were also planted. Garbage bins has been kept within the area for proper waste management.

Community park in Sh. Kanditheemu

The project focuses on creating an inclusive environment for all members of the community and offer a natural space to bring the community together for recreation and relaxation. The community park is designed with a barbeque area and fish cutting platform with tables and benches. The area also has a park for children and an outdoor gym accessible to all age groups and is equipped with beach huts, swings, sun beds and an outdoor shower making it convenient for people using the area for picnic purposes.

Supporting our Communities through Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we continued to support our communities and spread awareness. We utilised our billboards, ATM screens and branch TVs to spread awareness messages about Covid-19 and ran a successful handwashing campaign in Dhivehi, English and Bengali.

We also donated Personal protective equipment (PPE) to front line workers and supported ARC AID programme by Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC). The ARC AID donation supported 587 children in 300 vulnerable families by providing food packages. 

Outdoor gym in H.Dh. Kurinbee

The project focuses on focuses to promote healthy living and lifestyle. The outdoor gym built near the sports area dedicated in the island houses 7 machines, out of which 3 were installed with the support of community fund.

Development of AA. Atoll Education Centre library

The library is equipped with new book stands, furniture and a variety of new books. The library now has additional 1000 books with over 500 books from this collection provided as part of the Community Fund while the rest were received as gifts and donations.

Fish cutting platform in N. Holhudhoo

Designed to the shape of a fish, the area is easily accessible to be used as a fish cutting platform. The space is designed to be used during the day and night with appropriate lighting and with stations for 8 people. Supplied with clean water in all stations the platform also has a storage unit. The platform is established to be used by the local fishermen and is easily accessible to be used by the local community as well.

Supporting Organisations

We continue to support organisations across the Maldives to empower different communities and to provide support for vulnerable communities.

We supported the annual Pink Ribbon Run-Walk by Cancer Society of Maldives (CSM) and donated MVR 150,000 to help CSM increase Breast Cancer Awareness.

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we donated MVR 50,000 to Family Legal Clinic to support their Legal Aid Service.

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities we made a donation of MVR 30,000 to Maldives Deaf Association to support their work to empower and promote the rights of the deaf community in Maldives. 

Community picnic area in Th. Veymandoo

The space is commonly used by the community as a picnic area it has been revamped with beach umbrellas, huts, BBQ area and picnic dining space. The picnic area also has a mini football court and a volley court as well as a 2500 litre water tank. Dustbins are kept around the space to ensure proper waste management.

Motorised wheelchairs donation

We continued to support people with mobility impairments across the Maldives with a donation of additional 65 motorized wheelchairs.

By 2020, we supported over 140 people with mobility impairments across the Maldives. 

Waiting area and bicycle parking facilities at Kelaa School

A community oriented park opened outside H.A. Kelaa School along with a space to park bicycles. The park is built around the trees outside the school which provides shade and a natural space for everyone to gather. Along with that, the space is used bystudents to park their bicycles when they come to school.  

Supporting with Learning and Teaching Resources

We are working to create a financially literate society and instil knowledge about personal finances and savings for kids starting from a young age.

We donated learning tools and resources to schools and organisations across the Maldives, to better support students learning and development. 

Installation of solar powered streetlights in H.Dh. Kumundhoo

We supported the installation of solar powered streetlights in H.Dh. Kumundhoo. With this project, the island is reducing their carbon foot print with the installation of 22 solar powered streetlights in the islands main road.

BML Community Fund

BML Community Fund is an initiative to empower individuals to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects.

In 2020, 20 projects were awarded for the islands:

ShaviyaniGoidhoo and Kanditheemu
RaaFainu and Kinolhas
BaaEydhafushi and Goidhoo
Alif AlifBodufolhudhoo, Rasdhoo Thoddoo
Gaafu AlifKolamaafushi
Gaafu DhaaluGadhdhoo, Hoadedhdhoo, Nadella and Vaadhoo
GnaviyaniFuvahmulah City

Each project received MVR 50,000 to make a difference in their community  

Financial Literacy Program

We held financial literacy sessions for students across the country. Even during the pandemic we continued our sessions virtually and held our sessions in 8 islands across the country. We also gave virtual financial literacy lessons to various schools on World Investor Week 2020 in partnership with CMDA. 

Supporting the Sporting Community

In 2020, we became the official sponsor of the Men & Women’s National Football Teams, Exclusive Youth Development Partner of Basketball Association, Nationwide Partner of Swimming Association of Maldives and a partner for the National Tennis Championship. 

Supporting Special Education Needs Classes

We donated educational tools to 10 islands to aid special education need students. The donation was made to:

  • Kelaa School
  • Ihavandhoo School
  • Shaviyani Milandhoo School
  • Noonu Atoll School
  • Maafushi School
  • Thoddoo School
  • Th. Atoll School
  • Gdh. Thinadhoo Aboobakuru School
  • Fuvahmulak Hafiz Ahmed School
  • Seenu Hithadhoo Sharafudheen School

The donation has reached and made a positive impact in the lives of 300 students studying and receiving therapies. 

Environment - #TrashTagMV

For World Environment Day, our staff across the atolls initiated and participated in #TrashTagMV challenge over the Eid Holidays to clean beaches across the country. We also made a special donation on behalf of our team members who took part in the challenge to Save The Beach NGO, to support their continued efforts to make a positive difference to our environment and our communities.  

Financial Literacy Program

We held series of workshops on financial literacy for school students. In 2019, we held sessions in 21 islands across the country.

We also delivered a special financial literacy sessions on International Day of Older Persons with members of Aged Care Maldives 

Supporting Schools

We donated educational tools to 10 islands to aid special education need students. The islands include:

  • Kelaa School
  • HA. Kelaa
  • Milandhoo School
  • SH. Milandhoo
  • Noonu Atoll School
  • N.Manadhoo
  • Maafushi School
  • K. Maafushi
  • Thoddoo School
  • AA. Thoddoo
  • F. Atoll Primary School
  • F. Nilandhoo
  • Thaa Atoll School
  • Th. Guraidhoo
  • Aboobakuru School
  • GDh. Thinadhoo
  • Hafiz Ahmed School
  • Gn. Fuvahmulah 
  • Sharafuddin School, Addu City, Hithadhoo

We also upgraded computer labs, donated TVs, books and other resources to support schools  

Reusable water bottles to each household of Sh. Feydhoo

The project intends to reduce the number of single-use plastic throughout the island and create a more sustainable and environment-friendly community. A total of 1000 glass bottles were distributed covering all the households in the island.

Development of Dh. Maaenboodhoo School Library

We supported the development of Dh. Maaenboodhoo School library with new shelves, chairs and tables and  features a collection of over 700 books.

Reusable bags to the community of A.Dh Dhangethi

600 reusable tote bags and net bags sourced from Zero Waste Maldives were distributed to the community of Dhangethi under this project. These bags will be used in place of single-use plastic bags for daily shopping and other needs. 

Community Park in H.Dh Nellaidhoo

The community park is designed with a barbeque area ,beach huts, swings and with tables and benches. The area also has a paly for children and small outdoor library shelf accessible to kids of all age groups. 

Global Money Week 2019

We participated in the Global Money Week activities in Maldives by Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). Global Money Week is an annual financial awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.

During the week, we welcomed school students to visit our branches, meet our team and gain some insight into the world of banking and finance. We also held financial literacy sessions across Maldives and held children’s evenings in three islands. 

Donation of 60 motorized wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities

We donated 60 motorized wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities across the country. We made the donations to individuals who have mobility impairments that interfere with their ability to walk and are also deemed capable of operating motorized wheelchairs.

By 2019, this program has successfully delivered 76 wheelchairs to enhance the quality of life for people living with physical disabilities. The initiative began in 2017 as part of the Bank’s Aharenge Bank program. 

Donations to community organisations

Through our annual Staff Charity Run 2019, we raised MVR 80,000 for Maldives Thalassemia Society. Our staff also raised MVR 60,000 for Advocating the Rights of Children.

On International Women's Day 2019, we supported Family Legal Clinic and Women in Tech to continue their work in empowering women. 

Supporting sports development in Maldives

We supported national, regional and local organizations to conduct sports tournaments and invest in the development of athletes.

We continued our support for national associations and sponsored initiatives of Football Association of Maldives, Swimming Association of Maldives, Tennis Association of Maldives and Maldives Basketball Association. We also sponsored the Maldives School Sports Award to acknowledge school students who excel in the field of sports in national caliber. 

Pink Ribbon Run-Walk 2019

We continued our support to the Cancer Society of Maldives for the fourth consecutive year of Pink Ribbon Run-Walk to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. We hosted the event in 28 islands across Maldives with over 3000 participants. This charity run is the biggest nationwide run to take place across the country.

This run continues to increase public awareness on the issue of breast cancer and promoted the need to be aware of risk factors and the importance of early detection. 


In collaboration with Total Fitness Group (TfG) we held the fourth consecutive BML Wow Kidz Run at Hulhumale’ Central Park with over 2000 participants. Kids between the age of 4 and 13 took part in the run with their parents or guardians.

The participants of the run raised MVR 105,250 for “Beat Bullying“ campaign by Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC). 

BML Fethun Tharin Program 2019

BML Fethun Tharin is an initiative to teach basic life skills to people with disabilities. The programme, held in collaboration with Swimming Association of Maldives, Special Olympics Maldives and Maldives Paralympic Committee, is specialized for disabled individuals who lack swimming skills.

During 2019, 30 swimmers participated in the programme in Male'. 

Aharenge Bank Community Fund 2019

The Aharenge Bank Community Fund, an initiative to empower individuals and local organizations to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects was launched in 2019. With an investment of MVR 1 million, 20 projects will be awarded every year.

In 2019, 20 projects were awarded in islands: 

Haa AlifHoarafushi and Kelaa
Haa DhaaluKulhudhuffushi, Kumundhoo,Kurinbee and Nellaidhoo
Alif DhaaluDhangethi
MeemuDhiggaru and Kolhufushi
Thaa Guraidhoo, Kandoodhoo and Vilufushi 

Each project received MVR 50,000 to make a difference in their community  

Opening of a new Basketball Court at the ‘Ekuveni’ outdoor area

We partnered with the Maldives Basketball Association to support the training of young basketball players as well as the association’s infrastructure requirements. Over 1,000 players will go through the program over the next three years. 

Clean-up programme at AA. Rasdhoo

We were delighted to have organized a very successful clean-up programme in AA. Rasdhoo. Sh. Funadhoo and Fuvahmuah City. 

Special awareness and screening session held to raise awareness on World Cancer Day 2018

We held a series of cancer screening sessions in Meemu Dhiggaru in partnership with the Cancer Society of Maldives. Over 600 people from the atoll were screened during these sessions.

We were also proud to have supported the annual Pink Ribbon Run-Walk organised by Cancer Society of Maldives. It was an amazing opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of being properly informed, early detection, and knowing the steps to help prevent cancer. 

Series of workshops on financial literacy held in schools

Learning how to make informed decisions about personal finances and savings at a young age is more important now than ever. We held series of workshops on financial literacy for school students. 

Our staff donated books to the F. Nilandhoo Public Library

We launched a nationwide program which will support communities based in all atolls. Under this initiative, all of our branches will be allocated a budget to support community projects in their region.The program kicked off at an event held in F. Nilandhoo where our staff donated books to the Nilandhoo Public Library. 

Donation of learning aids

We donated learning aids to support the children who attend "Ummeedhu", a special class for students with learning disabilities at the Dhaalu Atoll Education Centre in Kudahuvadhoo. 

Donation of swimming gear

We donated swimming gear to support the community in HA. Kelaa. We are proud to do our part to promote the development of swimming, with a particular focus on its benefits to the lives of communities as an active lifestyle sport. 

Staff blood donation

We held a special event to support Maldivian Blood Services where a number of our staff donated blood. 

BML Annual Staff Charity Run 2018

We held our annual staff charity run where we raise funds to support charitable organizations in Maldives. This year, we raised MVR 90,000 for the Maldives Autism Association, MAPD and Beautiful Eyes Downsyndrome Association. 

Donation of motorized wheelchairs

As part of our annual outreach activities, we continued our support for people with impaired mobility across the Maldives. This year’s program was launched today at B. Eydhafushi where we donated a motorized wheelchair to a young member of the community. 

Supporting the community of Hulhumeedhoo

We supported the community of Hulhumeedhoo with a special donation to Nasriyya Pre-School. Together with the community, we also initiated a refurbishment of the Hulhumeedhoo heritage area. 

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