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Giving back to our communities

Our approach

We are committed to support our customers, communities and colleagues as a responsible business to lead and inspire positive change across the nation, whilst achieving sustainability through our operations and maintaining robust risk management and governance.

As one of the biggest corporations in the Maldives, we actively work with all sectors and demographics of the Maldivian community and contribute to national and societal development across the Maldives. 

BML staff assisting kids with special needs

Sustainability Report 2022

BML Sustainability Report aims to provide transparent and in-depth insights into our strategy of being a responsible and sustainable business and details our sustainability performance of 2022. 

Woman swimming in a pool

Our initiatives

Under our CSR program, we invest in community initiatives supporting the areas of education, sports, environment and community development. We aim to create opportunities for people and empower communities.

Smiling kids on a swing

Community Development

We aspire to create change by working to help disadvantaged people in our communities and supporting local organizations. We work to build stronger and more inclusive communities. We focus our efforts on the most disadvantaged through projects that make positive changes to their lives.

Our programs include:

BML Community Fund

Creating a positive impact in our communities

We’re looking for ideas that improve community spirit, promote sustainability and provide a social opportunity.

It's open for individuals, local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), women’s development groups, tech community movements and youth empowerment groups. 

Click here for more details on BML Community Fund.

Financial Literacy session for school children


We are working to create a financially literate society and instill knowledge about personal finances and savings for kids starting from a young age.

Our programs under this focus area includes:

Sports tournament


We collaborate with national sports associations to create inspiration through sports and develop young talent.

Our support for national sports include; 

Woman walking with a tote bag


We place great importance in being conscious of the environment in everything we do by continuing to raise awareness for environmental protection, preservation and sustainable development.

Our programs under this focus area includes:

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2022

Get in touch

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