Trade Solutions

Whether you trade internationally or have overseas operations our services could assist you to maximize your international trading potential. Specialist teams will advise you on key area of trade finance and supply chain management to help you build the right solutions whether you are importing or exporting. We will be able to help you whether you are looking to optimize transaction turnaround times and flow of funds, or expand into new markets while minimizing risk and maintaining your competitiveness.

Our trade-related products include:

  • Letter of Credit (LC) - Issuance, Advising, Negotiations
  • Trade Collections – Import/Export Documents Handling
  • Trade Finance – Post Import Loans (TRDL), Export Bills Discounting
  • Bank Guarantees (BG) – Financial, Performance, Shipping
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
  • Cash Management Services
  • In BML you have a partner who understands the way you manage your business and offers a truly integrated range of trade services designed to meet your needs. Our information, risk mitigation, financing and settlement solutions support your entire value chain-from procurement to processing to post-sales.