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Common fraud tactics in Maldives

Common scam tactics

A growing number of Maldivians fall victims to different types of scams every day. Scammers are using different tactics to gain access to your funds.

Impersonating as friends or family on Facebook 

Card fraud

Compromising email

Spoof SMS or emails


Sale and purchase of merchandize and services

Foreign currency exchange via social media

Promotional stories in the name of other institutes

Online trading

Warning signs of scams

Stop and think! Knowing the warning signs can help you stay protected

Unusual behavior

When scammers contact you they may act too friendly and may avoid certain questions. They may use a common name and usually make up a story that seems relevant making you feel like you need to step in and help. When they contact impersonating bank staff they usually act professional and sound like they know a lot of information.

If you stop and think you will know that the conversation is unusual. This is when you should act and never share any details with a third party.

Suspicious links

Always look for suspicious links in emails and SMS. Never click such links as they may be phishing links and even though they may look genuine they are not. If you’re visiting a website, always check the website links properly. Secure sites including Internet Banking will always have a “lock” symbol on the address bar. Never follow links to go to Internet Banking. Scammers can create web pages that look very similar to Internet Banking to lure you into entering your Username and Password.

Too good to be true scenarios

If something seems too good to be true, stop and think! Scammers calling and offering housing opportunities such as apartments were very common. This may be very appealing but always contact the institutes in order to find more information before sharing any personal details.