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Changes to Services

For your convenience, we are always continuing to make positive changes

SMS reminders to Credit Card customers

To keep our customers informed of credit card repayments, we will be sending SMS reminders for upcoming credit card bill payments.

Customers using our credit cards will receive an SMS prior to the automatic payment of credit card bills. This SMS will indicate the date of the automatic deduction. We will be deducting either 5% of the bill amount or the full bill amount, as specified in your credit card repayment instructions.

Customers will also receive an SMS once the payment is made, indicating whether it was successfully completed. If the payment was not made successfully, customers will also be informed.

You can disregard the reminder SMS if your payment has already been made or i you do not have an outstanding amount in your credit card. 


Positive changes to Card and PIN activation

For the convenience of our customers living abroad, we have made changes to the card and PIN activation process. Cards will now be activated permanently once the signed slip is sent via Internet Banking! Physical signed copy of the delivery slip is no longer required. 

Upgrading of our Card System

We carried out our most recent card system upgrade in June 2021. While routine upgrades will take place from time to time, this upgrade was to ensure compliance with card industry standards and facilitate future enhancements. With this upgrade, we are able to continue in improving our customer's banking experience.