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International Transfers

Manage your global finances with options tailor-made for your business needs. Send and receive money safely and securely for your day-to-day business operations.

Apply via internet banking

International Transfers

We will only be accepting International transfer requests via internet banking. Customers are encouraged to register for Internet Banking to continue with uninterrupted services.

Important information: 

Customers can request to cancel a TT requests by sending a bank mail via internet or mobile banking.

International Transfer

Submit a request for an International Transfer through Internet Banking

Outward Transfers

We offer Outward Swift Transfers to send money overseas. You can pay in most currencies, to almost all countries across the globe. 

Good to know:

How to apply:

For international transfers, customers can submit requests through internet banking with the relevant supporting documents. 

Important information:

Please do note that once a TT instruction is sent to the bank, it is a commitment by the customer for the transaction to take place. If a TT cancellation or change request is made by the customer, the outcome of such request is dependent on third parties; and any funds transfer, cancellation, refund or amendment is subject to the concurrence of the beneficiary, the beneficiary bank, the correspondents, and/or the agents. The Bank has no responsibility or liability whatsoever should this request be rejected, delayed, or is unsuccessful. The Bank shall not be obliged to furnish any reasons in connection therewith.

Inward Transfers

Receive money from around the globe through our correspondent banks. You can choose to receive international payments in the currencies USD or EUR. 

Simply provide our Swift Code, full bank address and your account information to receive payments.

When funds are remitted to you, do ensure that the correct account information and purpose of payment is given by the remitter, and that correspondent banks recognized by BML are used. All information will be confirmed before funds are credited to your account.

Letter of Credit

Manage your risk and secure your finances with Letters of Credit.

Letter of Credit, or LC, is a secure method of payment where the bank guarantees that payment will be made to the seller if the conditions detailed in the Letter of Credit are met. The payment will be made once documents which comply strictly with the terms of the LC are presented.  

Why use Letters of Credit? 

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