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Payment Services

Payment Services

Customers will be able to make domestic and international payments from their account using Domestic transfers and other local Payment Services including not limited to; Cheques, Payroll & Account Transfers. To initiate fund transfer services, customer shall submit request via an approved channel of submission.

Applicant must ensure that the beneficiary's account details (including name, account number, bank and branch) are correct.

Local Payments

Customers will be able to initiate domestic transfers via internet banking “local transfer” option. For accounts where more than one signatory is authorized, a written instruction is required to be submitted via business internet banking to initiate the payment.

All payment requests to MIRA shall be initiated with submission of MRTGS Remittance Request form (MIRA 906) with the following steps

1. Taxpayers who wish to make their tax payments through banks using MRTGS can pay the tax by making the payment to the bank.

2. To use this service, taxpayer must be registered for MIRA’s online services –MIRAconnect or MIRAconnectPlus.

3. Once a taxpayer files a tax return via MIRAconnect or MIRAconnectPlus, a partially completed MRTGS Remittance Request form will be emailed to the taxpayer’s registered email address.

4. Taxpayers who wish to pay tax via this system must print the emailed MRTGS Remittance Request form and complete the remaining details and submit the form to the bank.

5. Customers will be able to initiate transfer to MIRA for the purpose of tax payments by submitting the completed MRTGS Remittance Request form (MIRA 906) via business internet banking business profile

All requests received after the cutoff time will be processed on the following day.

International Banking

Manage your global finances with options tailor-made for your business needs.