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Business Development Loan

Suitable for all types of businesses, this loan lets you borrow what you require for your specific needs.

Key features

Applicable fees:

How do I apply?

If you are in Male’ you can make an appointment through our Appointment Portal and arrange a time to visit our Business Centre located in Male. If you are in the below listed area, take a token through QueueBee to visit the relevant branch to submit the Business Development Loan application form along with required documents.

Once an appointment is successfully made, you will receive an SMS with your appointment time to visit the Bank. Appointment slots are available for next 10 working days. If appointments are full, please try again for the next working day. 

If you are residing in any other island, visit the nearest branch and submit Business Development Loan application form along with required documents.

Our Business Centre and branches are open from 8:30am to 2:00pm, Sundays to Thursdays (except public holidays)

loan calculator

Business Development Loan

Loan Amount
Repayment Period
Monthly Repayment

Please note that this is an estimate, and may differ from the actual repayment amount.

Useful downloads

Business Development Loan Application form English / Dhivehi
Cash flow statement English
Sample Board Resolution for Business Development Loan English