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Bank Fund

Bank Fund is an initiative to empower local NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable and innovative projects.

How does Bank Fund work?

We will support 5 sustainable and innovative projects in the thematic areas of

Applications will be opened annually, and winning projects will be granted MVR 200,000 each!

Who can submit a proposal?

The project is open for

Individuals, government bodies, business entities and other institutions that are State funded are not eligible

Employees of Bank of Maldives and their immediate family members are not eligible.

The applicant should have a bank account with Bank of Maldives or should have applied to open a bank account before the project is awarded

How to submit a proposal?

To apply for Bank Fund, submit

We have closed applications for 2024 

What are we looking for?

We're seeking innovative community projects that are not only economically sustainable and innovative but also able to generate revenue for long-term viability.

Projects addressing societal or environmental challenges are of particular interest.

All winning projects must contribute to the well-being of society by promoting responsible values and actions.

Projects must be implemented with a responsibility towards society and the environment. It must not leave a negative impact on communities and/or the environment

Evaluation Criteria

The Project proposals will be evaluated by panelists selected by Bank of Maldives, and the decision of the Panel shall stand as final.

Bank may request shortlisted Applicants to provide additional information and details related to the Project.

The Project proposals shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Applicant’s background and experience20%
Positive impact on the community20%
Technical, Operational and Financial feasibility30%
Sustainability plan30%

Useful downloads

Bank Fund Application Form English
Proposal Template English