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Appointment based services

Opening hours

From 4th July 2021, all our branches and service centres will be open on Sunday to Thursday from 08:30am to 2:00pm.

Selected service centres in Male’ City will be open through pre-booked appointments, for services not available via online or self-service banking:

Services provided via appointments

The following services not available via online or self-service banking will be provided through the service centres in Male’ city.

Account Opening Centre

Loan Centre 

Note: Lui Express and Lui Micro loan applications are accepted online via Internet Banking

Business Centres

How to make an appointment

Appointments can be made the day before each working day, eg for Monday, appointments will be available for booking from 12am on Sunday via our appointment portal.

Once an appointment is successfully made, you will receive an SMS with your appointment time to visit the Bank.

Which branches and service centres provide online tokens?

The following branches and service centres will be available via QueueBee app. Online tokens will be available from 8:30am to 12pm on banking days via the app.

Guidelines when visiting us

To ensure the safety of our customers and our staff, temperature will be taken for all staff and customers coming into Customer Service Centre. 

When visiting us, customers are required to:  

Card delivery for elderly and vulnerable customers

As an added precautionary measure to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, elderly customers and people with disabilities will not be required to visit the bank to collect cards. 

To request for card delivery, please send an SMS to 7990200 or 9990200 with your ID Card number"Card Delivery"

Our staff will be in contact with the customer to make arrangements to deliver the cards. During these visits, for the safety of the customer and our staff card will only be delivered to the ground floor of the house/apartment.

card collection

Useful information