'Aharenge Bank'
Supporting Local Communities

With 260,000 customers, Bank of Maldives touches the lives of almost every family in the country. ‘Aharenge Bank’ tells the story of our commitment and our vision. It shows a hardworking bank that is determined to continue to improve and meet the needs of the people we serve. We want you to see this unique Maldivian Bank as your bank, a bank that is there for you - when you want to educate your children, when you want to buy a home, when you want to start a business.


Day 1: #AharengeBank Launch Event 2018

Day 1: #AharengeRaajje Challenge

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Day 2: Bank of Maldives inaugurates New Basketball Court

Day 3: AA. Rasdhoo Clean-up

Day 4: World Cancer Day, awareness program in Dhiggaru in Meemu Atol

Day 5: BML Launches New ‘Lifestyle Loan’ for Property Owners

Day 6: Opening of our refurbished Vilimale’ branch with a new 24/7 Self Service Banking Centre

Day 7: We held a series of workshops on financial literacy in schools

Day 8: We Introduced Online Applications for Range of Services

Day 9: We launched a nationwide corporate social responsibility (CSR) program along with donation of books to the Nilandhoo Public Library by our staff

Day 10: We held a clean-up program at Fuvahmulah with members of the community

Day 11: We donated computer systems to the local school in N. Miladhoo to support the community

Day 12: Our staff donated blood to to support Maldivian Blood Services

Day 13: We extended our Cashless Ride service to Hulhumale’

Day 14: We donated swimming gear to support the community in HA. Kelaa

Day 15: We commenced the expansion of our Agent service to include cash deposits and loan repayments.The announcement was made at a ceremony held today in R. Hulhudhuffaaru, which is the first of 5 islands chosen to trial the newly extended service.

Day 16: We held our annual staff charity run where we raise funds to support charitable organizations in Maldives

Day 17: We supported the community of Hulhumeedhoo with a special donation to Nasriyya Pre-School. Together with the community, we also initiated a refurbishment of the Hulhumeedhoo heritage area.

Day 18: We donated learning aids to support the children who attend "Ummeedhu", a special class for students with learning disabilities at the Dhaalu Atoll Education Centre in Kudahuvadhoo

Day 19: We donated a motorised wheelchair to a young member of the community at B. Eydhafushi as part of our annual outreach activities to support people with impaired mobility across the Maldives

Day 20: We stepped up our investment in Addu with 2 new ATMs located at Gan International Airport and the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital

Day 21: We supported the community of GA. Kondey with the donation of a projector system to the local school

Day 22: We continued our support for schools by donating computer systems to the Vaavu Atoll Education Centre in Felidhoo

Day 23

Day 23: We supported the community of Sh. Funadhoo with a donation of sports equipment to the local school

Day 24: Clean-up of the swimming track in Male’ together with our partners at the Swimming Association of Maldives, DiveDesk and DiveClub Maldives

Day 25: We marked the expansion of our Point-of-Sale (POS) network to 5,000 merchants. The milestone was marked at a ceremony held in K. Himmafushi where a memento was presented to the retailer

Day 26: We donated smart TVs and computer systems to support the Class for Hearing Impaired Children (CHIC) at Jamaluddin School

Day 27: We launched an internship program, allowing top students and graduates from local higher education institutions to gain valuable on the job experience and a pathway to permanent employment at BML

Day 28: We introduced a new service where customers can create customized BML Gift Cards