Keep Your Accounts Safe

Never Divulge Account Details
Over the Phone

At BML, we take the safety of your money very seriously.

But there are those who will stop at nothing to try to get their hands on your account details so they can access your hard-earned funds.

We often get reports of customers being contacted by people trying to obtain personal information. This type of fraud is extremely common and you need to be on your guard that you could be targeted.

Telephone callers can often come across as very genuine and believable; it can be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. We urge you to ensure you keep your personal details safe and not to divulge them to third party callers under any circumstances.

You can easily keep track of your account details through our simple and secure internet and mobile banking platforms.

Things to remember:

  • Bank of Maldives will never ask for your account details over the telephone;
  • Bank of Maldives will never ask you to send your account information via Twitter or other social media;
  • Never give out your banking details via Twitter or any other social media channel;
  • Never click on a link sent to you via a Tweet or Direct Message.

If you ever receive a call requesting account details or other such sensitive information, and you are in any doubt that it is BML calling, you should telephone us on our Contact Centre number – 3330200.