About Us

Who we are

The Bank’s human resource strategy focuses on developing competent, motivated, customer-oriented employees to deliver the Bank’s business strategy. A priority for us is to attract and retain employees who are proud to work for Bank of Maldives and who will act as good ambassadors for the Bank.

Why work at Bank of Maldives?

At Bank of Maldives, we aim to select and employ the best. Our teams consist of highly skilled, motivated and inspired individuals who support the Bank to be the leading financial institution in the Maldives.

The Bank recognizes People as the key resource driving the success of the business and a great employee experience is essential to deliver quality service to our customers. We have more employees than all other banks in Maldives combined, and 99% of our staff are Maldivians.

We offer an attractive remuneration package with additional benefits such as Annual Increments and Performance Bonus, Ramadan Bonus, Retirement Pension Fund, Employee Provident Fund, Medical Insurance, Employee Loan Schemes, Leave Benefits and Hajj Pilgrimage opportunity.

Staff engagement and motivation are key priorities for the Bank and we organize a wide variety of sports, recreational and social activities.