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Board of Directors

Ms. Saeeda Umar


(Independent, Non-Executive Director)


Ms. Saeeda is Policy Consultant at the Ministry of Economic Development and is currently Co-Chair of the China-Maldives Free Trade Agreement Working Group. She is also a member of the President’s Council on the Economic Empowerment of Women. She has a wealth of experience in consulting for government, the private sector and international organisations in areas of public policy, economic development and international trade.

Ms. Saeeda holds a Masters in Diplomacy and International Trade from Monash University, Australia.

Ms. Saeeda has no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Andrew Healy

(Non-Independent, Executive Director)

Bod (6)

Mr. Andrew Healy is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Bank. A career banker, Mr. Healy has over 25 years of financial service experience, including ten years at CEO and Board level.

Prior to joining Bank of Maldives, Mr. Healy worked for two international banking groups most recently as Irish CEO and Group Executive Committee member of Scandinavian institution, Danske Bank Group. He has also worked for Royal Bank of Scotland Group in senior roles in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Healy has held a number of respected industry leadership positions including Chairman of the Northern Ireland Banking Association and President of the Institute of Banking in Ireland. He holds a first class Master’s degree in Business from University College Cork, Ireland and a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Services from University College Dublin, Ireland. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Banking in Ireland and a Chartered Member of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Mr. Healy holds no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Mohamed Shareef
(Non-Independent, Executive Director)

Bod (5)

Mr. Mohamed Shareef joined the Bank in 1995. Mr. Shareef is currently Deputy CEO and Director of Operations.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Shareef served as the Bank’s Retail Banking Director where he successfully led the development of the Bank’s business in this sector. He has also held the roles of Operations Director, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Card Centre.

Mr. Shareef holds a Master of Business Administration (Finance) degree from University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Mr. Shareef has no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Mohamed Luveiz

(Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (4)

Mr. Mohamed Luveiz is the Minister of State for Economic Relations, President’s Office, Maldives. Prior to being appointed to this position, he was Director at the Corporate Development Secretariat at the President’s Office.

Mr. Luveiz began his career in 1995 and among many senior roles, he served as Advisor on Investments at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and as Director of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Economic Development where he was mandated with investment promotion and SME development.

Mr. Luveiz holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Victoria University of Technology, Australia and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of South Australia, Australia.

Mr. Luveiz has no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Abdul Haris

(Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (3)

Mr. Abdul Haris is Managing Director of Island Aviation Services Limited. Mr. Haris started his career in aviation with Air Maldives in 1985 where he gained hands on experience in accounting and financial management. While at Air Maldives, he was instrumental in achieving IATA membership and acquiring the IATA billing and settlement plan for the flag carrier. Mr. Haris was also a member of the technical advisory committee to the Government on establishing an international airline in the Maldives.

After joining Island Aviation as Director of Finance and Accounts in 2000, Mr. Haris played a key role in making “Maldivian” a regional carrier. He became Managing Director in 2012.

Mr. Haris holds an Honors Degree in Accounting and Management Systems from Thames Valley University, United Kingdom and was the first Maldivian to achieve membership of the UK Association of Accounting Technicians.

Mr. Haris has no shares in the Bank.

Ms. Aishath Arsha

(Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (10)

Ms. Aishath Arsha is Business Director of Maldives Boat Club Pvt. Ltd. She worked at Bank of Maldives as Head of Risk and Re engineering from 2011 to 2014 and before this she was employed as a Relationship Manager at Australia’s Wespac Banking Corporation from 2007 to 2010.

Ms. Arsha holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from University of Queensland, Australia and a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) degree from Charles Stuart University, Australia.

Ms. Arsha has no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Rabih Mohamed

(Independent, Non-Executive Director)


Mr. Rabih is the Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Maldives Ports Ltd. Prior to being appointed to this position, he was the General Manager of Vara Maldives Pvt Ltd and Marketing & Sales Executive of Crossworld Maldives Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Rabih holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Business Administration from the University of Abertay Dundee.

Mr. Rabih has no shares in the Bank.

Mr. Mohamed Abdul Sattar
(Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (9)

Mr. Mohamed Abdul Sattar is Managing Director of Coco Huts Pvt. Ltd. He was first elected to the Board of Directors of the Bank by the public shareholders from 08th September 2004 to 29th June 2005. On 30th October 2005, he was appointed to the Board by the Government and was last re-appointed on 13th June 2008. Since 07th August 2009, he has been elected to the Board by the public shareholders.

Mr. Sattar is the current Chairman of the Bank’s Appointment, Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Wales, United Kingdom

Mr. Sattar has 2,770 shares in the Bank.

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed
(Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (8)

Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed is Executive Director of NPH Investment Pvt Ltd and NPH Developments Pvt. Ltd. He has served on the Board both as a Government appointed director as well as a director elected by the shareholders.

A finance and tourism sector professional, Mr. Ibrahim currently serves on the Boards of several companies.

Mr. Ibrahim is the current Chairperson of the Bank’s Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Mr. Ibrahim holds a Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance (Tourism) from South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education (Cardiff Metropolitan University), United Kingdom and a postgraduate degree in Tourism from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.

Mr. Ibrahim holds 960 shares in the Bank.

Ms. Ibthishama Ahmed Saeed

(Independent, Non-Executive Director)

Bod (1)

Ms. Ibthishama Ahmed Saeed is the Deputy General Manager of Addu International Airport (AIA) Company Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Ibthishama worked in Bank of Maldives from 2003 until 2014 where she held senior management posts such as Director of Corporate Banking and Associate Director, Investment Banking. She was the Chairperson of Maldives Tourism Development Corporation from June 2014 to November 2016.

Ms. Ibthishama holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Keralan University, India and a Master of Arts in Marketing Communication from University of Westminster, UK.

Ms. Ibthishama holds 15 shares in the Bank.