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QR Code is a Quick Response code which directs customers to a secure Checkout Portal to complete payment. Our customers can complete QR Code transactions through BML MobilePay. Other digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Ali Pay accepts BML QR Code.

Static QR

Static QR is a pre-printed QR that is provided to merchants to be displayed at merchant location. When the QR is scanned by using your mobile phone's camera, you will be prompted to enter amount and complete transaction through our MobilePay.

Dynamic QR

Dynamic QR is generated on POS Terminal or Merchant Application. This QR is transaction based; ie; merchant generated QR after entering transaction amount on POS Terminal or Merchant Application. When the QR is scanned , transaction amount will be displayed on approval message from your BML MobilePay app or other digital wallets.

Key features

  • Works using just your smartphone, no physical POS Terminal required
  • Publish Static QR on your bill or online for ease of receiving payments
  • Free and fast setup, so you can instantly start taking payments
  • View live transaction information and download reconciliation reports

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