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Business Development Loan

Our Business Development Loan can support you financially when you need cash for working capital, refurbishment, and property development or just buy new machinery or equipment.

Key features

  • Unlimited maximum loan amount
  • Low equity contribution required with 70% of project financed by Bank
  • Flexible repayment period
  • Flexible collateral requirements
  • Customization features and loans based on business requirements
  • Affordable interest rate at 12% yearly
  • Insurance is required

Features of Credit Guarantee Scheme

  • Equity Contribution: 20 percent
  • Repayment Period: 5 years maximum inclusive of a grace period of up to 6 months
  • No collateral required
  • Interest Rate of 9 percent yearly
  • Premium of 1 percent yearly
  • Insurance Required
  • Should not have any existing loan facility that exceeds MVR 100,000 excluding student loans and personal housing/home loans

How to apply:

Submit a duly-completed Business Development Loan Application form to any of our branches across Maldives. For any assistance, please contact us or meet our customer service representatives at the branches.

Need to contact a branch?

We have 27 branches across the Maldives.

Find out the contact details of the branch closest to you.

Important Information

You can keep track of your loan account via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking App or through monthly statements.

General Terms and Conditions for Credit Facilities (Dhi / Eng)